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Chapter 5

Cost Feasibility An analysis and evaluation of a proposed project to determine if it (1) is technically feasible
Discussion Forum the marketplace or public place of an ancient Roman city forming the center of judicial and public business
Experimental Research Experimental research describes the process that a researcher undergoes of controlling certain variables and manipulating others to observe if the results of the experiment reflect that the manipulations directly caused the particular outcome.
Library Research The Science & Engineering Library focuses on research support for the fields of chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy, and psychology, as well as providing a collaborative environment to support interdisciplinary science and engineering research.
Refined Sketch The refined sketch can also be referred to as a final comprehensive or final comp.…These are the detailed concept images that we present to our client.…Generally, they're executed to a level that…clearly illustrates every aspect of a concept
Research Engineering education research (EER) is the field of inquiry that creates knowledge which aims to define, inform, and improve both Engineering Education and the education of engineers.
Rough sketch A light drawing drawn before the actual drawing to prevent errors or mistakes in he drawing
Thumbnail Sketch A small picture that presents a smaller version of a larger image or proposed image. Before fully redesigning the layout of the office, the interior designer provided me with a thumbnail sketch of his initial plans.
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