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Musculoskeletal M.T.

Med term Ch 10 Musculoskeletal System

spondyl/o vertebra - words to describe the condition of the vertebra
spondyl/itis inflammation of any of the vertebrae, usually characterized by stiffness and pain.
vertebr/o vertebrae (backbone) - words to describe the structure
ankyl/o stiffness; bent, crooked
ankyl/osis immobility of a joint (ankylosis may be congenital, or it may be due to disease, trauma, surgery, or contractures from immobility.
-osis abnormal condition; increase (used primarily with blood cells)
carp/o carpus (wrist bones)
carp/o/ptosis wrist drop
-ptosis prolapse, downward displacement
cost/o ribs
sub/cost/al beneath the ribs (sub-: under, below)(-al: pertaining to, relating to)
crani/o cranium (skull)
crani/o/tomy incision through the cranium, usually to gain access to the brain during surgery.
-tomy incision
stern/o sternum (breastbone)
stern/o/cost/al pertaining to the sternum and the ribs
calcane/o calcaneum (heel bone)
calcane/o/dynia painful condition of the heel
humer/o humerus (upper arm bone)
humer/al pertaining to the humerus
phalang/o phalanges (bones of the fingers and toes)
phalang/itis inflammation of one or more phalanges
femor/o femur (thigh bone) * largest bone in the body
femor/al pertaining to the femur
fibul/o fibula (smaller, outer bone of the lower leg)
patell/o patella (kneecap)
patell/ectomy excision of the patella
-ectomy excision or removal
pelv/i pelvis
pelv/i/metry measurement of the pelvic dimensions or proportions (helps determine if possible to deliver a fetus thru normal route)
-metry act of measuring
pelv/o pelvis. Pelv/is means pertaining to the pelvis (-is: noun ending)
tibi/o tibia (larger inner bone of lower leg)
tibi/al pertaining to the tibia (shin bone)
arthr/o joint
arthr/itis inflammation of a joint, usually accompanied by pain, swelling, stiffness, deformity
cervic/o nect; cervix uteri (neck of the uterus)
chondr/o cartilage
lamin/o lamina (part of vertebral arch)
cost/o/chondr/itis inflammation of the costal (cost/al) cartilage of the anterior chest wall. *characterized by pain & tenderness that may radiate from the initial site of inflammation.
lamin/ectomy excision of the bony arches of one or more vertebrae
myel/o bone marrow; spinal cord
myel/o/cele saclike protrusion of spinal cord thru congenital defect in vertebral column.
orth/o straight
orth/o/ped/ics branch of medicine concerned with prevention & correction of musculoskeletal system disorders.
ped foot, child
-ics pertaining to, relating to
oste/o bone
oste/itis inflammation of bone
radi/o radiation, x-ray; radius (lower arm bone, thumb side)
radi/o/graph x-ray image
-graph instrument for recording (the image)
-clasia to break
arthr/o/clasia forcible breaking of a joint
-cyte cell
oste/o/cyte bone cell
-desis binding, fixation (of a bone or joint)
arthr/o/desis stiffening of a joint by operative means
-malacia softening
oste/o/malacia gradual softening and bending of the bones (due to Vitamin D deficiency)
-physis growth
dia/physis shaft or middle region of a long bone
dia- through, across
-porosis porous
oste/o/porosis disorder characterized by abnormal loss of bone density & deterioration of bone tissue, with an increased fracture risk.
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