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electricity yr 9

movement of electron, circuits, conductors and insulators of electricity.

what is a circuit a closed conducting pathway in which electrons flow toward the positive charge.
what is a dry cell a battery with a paste eg. torch battery
What is a wet cell A battery with a liquid eg. car battery ( more dangerous )
what is a cell something that uses chemical reactions to seperate changes + produce electric currents ( a battery )
what is Electric conductor material through which charged particles are able to move through.
what is electric insulator a material that does not allow the movement of shared particles
what is a current describes the flow of electrons around a certuit ( more current = more flow )
Semi conductor a material that is normally an insulator, but when combined with another substance it can become a conductor.
Where does a current move a current moves from the negative terminal to the positive terminal
what is current measured by current is measured by counting the number of electrons that pass a point in one second
what is current measured in amps
what is current measured with an ametre
as soon as you move 1 electron all electrons move
do electrons move fast or slowly slowly
what is voltage is the measure of the What is residence amount of energy supplied to the charges by the electrons source (the supplier of the voltage eg. cell)
what is voltage measured in volts (v)
what is a voltage measured by Volter metres measure voltage in a parallel across a component.
What is Resistance the measure of how difficult it is for an electric current to flow through a substance
What is resistance measured in ohms
What is a thermistor a thermistor is a type of resistor that is temperature dependant
what is potentiometre a variable resistor
how easy electrons pass through an wire depends on the type of metal the wire is made of, how long the wire is, how thick the wire is
what is a series circuit where all components are connected one after another to forma single loop
if the circuit is broken and any point in a series circuit no electrons can flow
what is a parallel circuit has a number of branches has its own components, current leaving the battery splits and even amounts go down each branch.
what is ohms law V=IxR
what does I stand for current
What is a shorts circuit a short circuit is when a current flows along a different pathway from the one intended( his causes a lot of heat and can cause a fire)
what is a fuse a switch a thin bit of wire that burns up quickly when to much current flows through a circuit and stops the flow of electricity.
why is water with salt in it a good conductor because there charges can move
when voltage from a parallel circuit go down two branches the current is? split
what is voltage is connected in parallel
what is current connected in series
what is electricity is a form of energy caused by the presence and flow of electric charges
what are atoms made of protons, neutrons (in the nucleus), and electrons (around the outside in shells
what happen when two objects rub together electrons are sometimes transferred from one objet to another
what can happen to neutrons if they gain or loose electrons If they lose electrons the become positive, if they gain electrons they become negative
what is a electrostatic charge is when a charge stays on an object with out moving.
what are some properties of electrostatics like charges repel. unlike charges attract. charged objects attract neutral objects
how does a vain de Graaf work works by rubbing a belt, which removes electrons from the surface of demeaned anything that touches it.
what happens to electric charges when they are separated they have electrical energy and they try not to get back together again
where does a conventional current move from the positive to the negative terminal
what are the three things a circuit must have An energy source. An energy user. Wires to connect everything
what can voltage is also known as a measure of the amount of energy used by the charges as they pass through a component such as a light bulb
what canvoltage can be known as the potential difference
what does a high resistance mean that electrons find it hard the pass through
in a series circuit what happens the charge/voltage it is shared among the components because the current must pass through all components
what happens to batteries when they are in a series circuit electrons pick up energy from both batteries ( so the voltage increases )
what happens to batteries when they are connected in a parallel circuit the electrons go through either one battery or the other, so they don't increase in voltage, but they last longer.
Created by: alexa.bell