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HVAC 1000-01 Quiz 3

Purge to remove or release fluid from a system
Semi-hermetic Compressor A motor compressor that can be opened or disassembled by removing bolts and flanges. Also known as a serviceable hermetic
Forced convection The movement of fluid by mechanical means
Reed Valve A thin steel plate used as a valve in a compressor
Reverse Cycle The ability to direct the hot gas flow into the indoor or the outdoor coil in a heat pump to control the system for heating or cooling purposes
Schraeder valve A valve similar to the valve on an auto tire that allows refrigerant to be charged or discharged from the system
Shell and Coil A vessel with a coil of tubing inside that is used as a heat exchanger
Flash Gas The term used to described the pressure drop in an expansion device when some of the liquid passing through the valve is changed quickly to a gas and cools the remaining liquid to the corresponding temperature
Moisture Indicator A device for determining moisture
Horsepower(hp) A unit equal to 33000 ft-lb of work per minute
Non-condensable Gas A gas that does not change into a liquid under normal operating conditions
Receiver-drier A component in a refrigeration system for storing and drying refrigerant
Remote System Often called a split system where the condenser is located away from the evaporator and/or other parts of the system
King Valve A service valve at the liquid receiver's outlet in a refrigeration system
Bellows An accordion-live device that expands and contracts when internal pressure changes
Heat of Fusion The heat released when a substance is changing from a liquid to a solid
Scroll Compressor A compressor that uses two scroll-type components, one stationary and one orbiting, to compress vapor
Rotary Compressor A compressor that uses rotary motion to pump fluids. It is a positive displacement pump
Compressor Muffler Device installed in hot gas line to silence discharge surges
Liquid Receiver A container in the refrigeration system where liquid refrigerant is stored
Frost Back A condition of frost on the suction line and even the compressor body
Natural Convection The natural movement of a gas or fluid caused by differences in temperature
Pressure Switch A switch operated by a change in pressure
Diaphragm A thin flexible material (metal, rubber, or plastic) that separates two pressure differences
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