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Drug classes

Cardiovascular drugs medicines that are used to treat medical conditions associated with the heart or the circulatory system
Antibiotics type of antimicrobial drug used in the treatment and prevention of bacterial infections
Neuropharmacological drugs act on the nervous system
Antihistamines can relieve the allergic symptoms
Analgetics pain-relieving drugs
Antacids drugs used for relief of symptoms of indigestion or disorders caused by excess acid
Antiarrhythmics medications used to control unwanted variations in heart rhythms
Anticoagulants drugs prescribed to prevent blood from clotting
Antidepressants drugs that are effective at improving mood and relieving symptoms such as anxiety, sleep problems, and suicidal thoughts.
Antidiabetec agents used to restore the body’s ability to use sugar normally
Antifungals drugs used to treat infections caused by fungi
Antihypertensives medications prescribed to reduce high blood pressure
Anti-inflammatory drugs used to reduce inflammation
Antipyretics drugs directly affect the temperature-regulating centre in the brain and the hypothalamus
Antivirals drugs used to treat viral infections
Bronchodilators drugs that open the main airways in the lungs
Corticosteroids used principally as anti-inflammatory drugs
Cough suppressants they are used to suppress cough
Diuretics drugs increase the volume of urine and salt released by the kidneys
Hypnotic sleeping medications
Laxatives medicines that induce bowel movements or soften or loosen up the stool
Nitrates heart drugs that increase blood flow through the coronary arteries and often are used in patients with angina
Vasodilators stimulate the arteries of the heart to enlarge
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