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Hard Flooring

Types of flooring sold in BOARD format Wood/engineered wood, laminate, bamboo
Pre-finished solid wood flooring Quick & easy to install, expensive
Unfinished solid wood flooring No stain or finish, put boards in - sand them down - apply stain - sand again - apply finish, cheap to buy product - but labour is expensive (better than pre-finished!!)
How is solid wood flooring produced? Milled in varying lengths and widths, always installed with tongue and groove joints!
How can you tell the quality of the wood? If it is higher quality you'll see lots more of longer boards
What is a wood GRADE? Different flooring looks/types - figured, clear, knotty
What are some PROS to natural wood flooring? no glues or chemicals, random lengths, can finish on site, renewable resource
What are some CONS to natural wood flooring? may warp, twist, or crack, MUST be nailed down, needs consistent humidity/no damp conditions
How can you tell the quality of ENGINEERED wood flooring? The thicker it is the better quality it is
What are some PROS to engineered wood flooring? No deflection, some can be heated or installed below grade
What are some CONS to engineered wood flooring? Glues and chemicals, can't finish on site, MDF core - less random lengths
What are some lower grades? Plank or tavern
What are some higher grades? Clear or premium
Which wood surface treatment includes NO treatment and light distressing? Classic
Which wood surface treatment includes it being hand scraped and fully distressed? Trend
Which gloss level shows every little footprint, drop of water, smudge, etc? High gloss level
How is laminate flooring usually installed? Usually click-lock floating or being glued down
How it bamboo flooring made? Stock of bamboo is harvested - then sliced - then boiled and steamed - flattened - then laminated into a flooring product
What is the only thing not natural about solid wood flooring? on the surface there is some sort of finish to protect the wood - or a stain
How can you tell if flooring is natural wood? If the pieces in the floor are different lengths
What is laminate flooring? It is a printed reproduction of wood, protected by a layer of plastic
What is usually in the core of laminate flooring? Chipboard or MDF
What type of hard flooring isn't real wood but just looks like it is? Laminate flooring
Polished surface finish creates a glossy shine - usually good for granite, marble, and limestone
Honed surface finish creates a matte/flat finish - shows fewer scratches - usually good for marble, limestone and slate
Acid-washed surface finish creates a shiny finish with pits in the surface or bumps - usually good for marble and limestone - softens the shine on granite
Saw-cut refined finish creates a matte finish - almost like honed finish
Flamed surface finish created by heating the surface of the stone followed by rapid cooling, creating pops and chips in the stone to leave a rough texture - usually good for granite
Split-faced surface finish rough but not as rough as flamed - hand cutting and chiseling, exposing the natural cleft of stone - usually good for slate
Tumbled surface finish smooth/slightly pitted surface - usually marble and limestone
Brushed surface finish "worn-down look" - by brushing the surface of the stone - natural wear
Created by: Megwith
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