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RDTC 236

Xrays are only produced when button pressed (T/F)? True - Dead man's switch
Leakage MAX of Protective Housing? 1 mGy/hr (100 mR/hr) @ 1 meter
Acceptable SID Variance? 2%
Collimation & PBL accurate within __% of __? 2% of SID
Minimum Filtration Half Value Layer? HVL 2.5 mm Al Equiv @ 80 kVp
Acceptable Reproducibility Variance? 5% mR/mAs
Acceptable Linearity Variance? 10% mR/mAs
Handswitch placed permanently BEHIND protective barrier (T/F)? True
Mobile system exposure switch on __ cord? 2 meter (6.5')
Minimum Source-to-Skin Distance for Stationary Fluoro? 38 cm (15")
Minimum Source-to-Skin Distance for mobile C-arm? 30 cm (12")
Primary Protective Barrier
Legal Filtration Standard? Minimum HVL 2.5mm AL Eq @ 80 kV
Minimum shielding for Bucky Slot Cover? Is it Automatically activated? .25 Pb (Lead Equiv), Auto
Minimum shielding for Protective Curtain btwn Patient & Rad? .25 Pb
Entrance Skin Exposure in fluoro is measured at __ or __? Table top or 30 cm from IR
MAX Entrance Skin Exposure WITHOUT high level boost? 10 R/min
MAX Entrance Skin Exposure IN high level boost? 20 R/min
Primary Barrier is for surfaces Primary Beam is routinely directed at (T/F)? True
Primary Barrier is for surfaces that intersect Scatter, Secondary, & Leakage radiation (T/F)? False - Secondary
Barrier protection uses what size Lead-Backed drywall? 1/16" (1.6 mm) or 1/32" (.8 mm)
Scatter 1 meter from patient is __% of INTENSITY of radiation entering patient? 1/1000 (.1%)
Calculating Barrier Thickness - W=? Workload in mA min/wk
Calculating Barrier Thickness - U=? Use Factor
Calculating Barrier Thickness - T=? Occupancy (time of)
How do you find the mA minutes for the workload (WUT)? mAs รท 60
WUT is calculated & __ are used to find required lead thickness? Tables from NCRP Report #49
Secondary Barriers are only required to be __ high? 7'
Barrier Thickness Limits for Controlled Areas? 100 mrem/ wk
Barrier Thickness Limits for Uncontrolled (public) Areas? 2 mrem/wk
__ radiation detectors measure the release of electrons in gas and are used as Survey & Calibration instruments? Ionization Chamber
__ radiation detectors are used to locate smallest potential spills or Radionuclides? Geiger-Muller Detector
Any ionization releases multiple electrons due to Cascade Effect caused by Higher Voltage in chamber, used in __ rad detectors? Geiger-Muller
__ radiation detectors used in labs to detect Alpha & Beta radiation? Proportional Counter
__ radiation detectors used in Gamma Cameras & some CT scanners? Scintillation Detectors
For Scintillation Detectors, the electron pulse output of the PMT is proportional to __? Energy absorbed by Scintillation Crystal
Scintillation Crystals emit __ when struck by __? Light (from) Radiation
PMT has Photocathode that emits __ when struck by __? PMT- Electrons (from) Light
Created by: RadTechTKD