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Areas of Practice

Lesson 4 Land Use Regulations (Subdivision)

Subdivision The division of land into two or more parcels, sites, or lots, for the purpose of transfer of ownership, development or other form of valuable interest
Plat Map of a tract or parcel of land
Replat Allows for lots to be subdivided further or added back together
Amending Plat Corrects errors or adds additional information to a plat
Vacating Plat Allows for a plat to be terminated prior to the selling of any lots
Preliminary Plat To scale mechanical drawing with precise topography and prescribed intervals showing the calculated location of all lots, streets, drainage patterns, facilities, and proposed dedications
Final Plat Approved preliminary plat with all bearing, monuments, curves, and notations, together with all dedications, easements and approvals
Purpose of subdivision regulations (1-4) 1. Regulate development & implement planning policies 2. Implement plans for orderly growth & development 3. Ensure adequate provision for streets, alleys, parks and other facilities 4. Protect future purchases from poor police and fire protection
Purpose of subdivision regulations (5-7) 5. Ensure sanitary conditions and other government services 6. Require compliance with certain standards as conditions and other government servies 7. Officially register land
Steps to subdivide land (1-3) 1. Applicant submits a preliminary plat 2. Preliminary plat is reviewed by staff compliance with subdivisions regulations 3. Plat is then reviewed by the planning commission
Steps to subdivide land (5-4) 4. Once the preliminary plat is approved by the planning commission, the property owner prepares the final plat 5. Final plat then repeats the process until it is approved by the planning commission
Extraterritorial Jurisdiction A distance outside of the city limits where the subdivision regulations apply
Performance Bonds Agreement between the property owner and the community to ensure that the final plat is built as shown n the drawing Protects tax payer investment
Dedications Gifts of land for public purposes, such as road, parks and utilites
Impact Fees Typically charged for off-site infrastructure that is needed to provide service to a development, such as a water or sewer main
Subdivision Bonuses Is the extension of development benefits beyond those normally offered in exchange for enhancements such as affordable housing
Created by: amshinn18
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