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Chapter 11

France, Germany, The Benelux Countries, The Alpine Countries,

France is slightly smaller than which U.S. state? Texas
Which country is home to one of the world's oldest civilizations? France
Which country has mountain ranges , such as the Alps? France
What do you call rivers that are usable by large ships? Navigable
What type of government does France have? Republic
Which state has a literacy rate of almost 100%? France
Which country is known for its amazing culture, architecture, and history? France
Finish the sentence: From the end of WWII until 1990, Germany was split into... West Germany and East Germany
Which country has landforms such as mountains, plateaus, and plains? Germany
Rainfall with high amounts of chemical pollution is called...? Acid Rain
What do you call local forms of a language? Dialects
WWII involved which dictator? Adolf Hitler
Which war included the Holocaust? WWII
What % of Germans live in cities and towns? 85%
The Benelux Countries include which countries? Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg
What is the capital of Belgium? Brussels
A system of dams helps prevent flooding in which country? Netherlands
What is an area of reclaimed land called? Polder
Which country is known to be one of the world's smallest countries? Luxembourg
Which country is the headquarters of many international companies? Luxembourg
Which country is located in the rugged Swiss Alps? Switzerland
What is it called to not take sides, such as in wars? Neutrality
Which country has a variety of mineral resources? Austria
Which country has mountains that cover three fourths of the nation? Austria
What is the capital of Austria? Vienna
What is a tiny nation covering only 60 square miles called? Liechtenstein
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