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MIS Exam 2 Chapter 1

M&W Chapter 1

What are consequences of Globalization? Puts pressure on companies to be more efficient and effective, As a company's market expands, so do the number and types of firms with which it competes
What is the Information Revolution? Increased use of information and communication technologies (Such as the Internet and computer-based information systems) To create, deliver, and use information
What are some characteristics of a Knowledge Worker? Increasing dependence on information to do their work, uses ICT to create, acquire, process, syntheisze, disseminate, and analyze data Knowledge work is non-routine and non-repetitive
What are examples of Knowledge Workers Sales executive, production managers, product manager, financial analyst
What are some key skills of knowledge workers? Strategic thinking, information literacy, communication and collaboration
What are some examples of Task Workers? Customer service representatives, accounting clerks, inurance claims processor
What are some characteristics of Task Workers? Very routine, narrowly focused, and structured
What are the steps of the Procurement Process? Create Requisition, Create and send purchase order, receive shipment, receive invoice, send payment
What are the steps of the Production Process? Request production, authorize production, issue raw materials, create product, receive finished goods
What are the steps of the Fulfillment Process? Receive customer inquiry, create and send quotation, receive purchase order, create sales order, prepare and pack shipment, send shipment, create and sending invoice, receive payment
What is the Functional Structure? The most common organizational structure, organization is divided into common functions/departments that are responsible for loosely related activities
What is the Silo Effect? When workers complete their tasks in their functional areas in “silos” without regard to the consequences for the other components of the process
What are some consequences of the Silo Effect? Delays, Excess Inventory, Lack of Visibility across the process
What is the Physical Flow? The physical activities associated with a process
What is the Data & Document Flow? The data (dates, quantities, locations, etc.) associated with each process
What is the Information Flow? When data from each instance of the process (As well as at an aggregate level) is accumulated and organized in a manner that is meaningful and useful
What are some roles of ES in Organizations? Execute the process, capture and store process data, monitor performance
Why is the Functional Structure the most common organizational structure? Easier to manage people and the activities they perform, allows groups to perform one activity very well
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