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小鸟和基普 Part 13&14

演出 yǎn chū show
bàng wonderful, really great
希望 xī wàng wish, hope
参加 cān jiā join
杂技 zá jì acrobatics
演员 yǎn yuán actor or actress, performer
空中 kōng zhōng in the air
精彩 jīng cǎi amazing, wonderful
人群 rén qún crowd
上空 shàng kōng overhead
钢丝 gāng sī tightrope
舞台 wǔ tái stage
小丑 xiǎo chǒu clown
微笑 wēi xiào smile
挥手 huī shǒu wave
接着 jiē zhe then
另外 lìng wài other
rào go around
圆圈 yuán quān circle
水果 shuǐ guǒ fruit
pài pie
互相 hù xiāng each other
zhuàng bump into
摔倒 shuāi dǎo fall down
肯定 kěn dìng definitely
驯兽师 xùn shòu yuán tamer
马戏 mǎ xì circus
其实 qí shí in fact
成为 chéng wéi become
míng measure word, used for people of any profession
走钢丝 zǒu gāng sī tightrope walking
狮子 shī zi lion
biàn become
安静 ān jìng quiet
庞大 páng dà huge
恐怖 kǒng bù scary
前面 qián miàn in front
突然 tū rán suddenly
hǒu growl
咆哮 páo xiào growl
què however
害怕 hài pà be afraid of
打滚 dǎ gǔn roll
小声 xiǎo shēng in a low voice
绝不 jué bù absolutely not
马戏团 mǎ xì tuán circus
Created by: AustinCheng



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