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Chapter 11 psych

Our brains have evolved in such a way that they engage in a relentless search for _______________________ in the world. We seek relationships, _______________________, and _______________________ in the things that happen around us.
Nevertheless, this extremely adaptive aspect of human cognition sometimes _______________________ on us.
Chance and _______________________ are integral parts of our environment.
tendency to _______ chance events is illustrated in psychologists called_____ ______. When people believe that_____ types of events occur ______, they tend2 thinkthat theyre seeing co-occurrences with gr8_____, even when the two events r occurring _____
For example, many psychological practitioners continue to believe in the efficacy of the _______________________
Belief in the ______ test arises from the phenomenon of____ ____. Clinicians see relationships in response patterns because they______ they are there, not because they are ______ present in the pattern of responses being observed
Many people think that _______ need special explanation. They do not understand that ______ are bound to occur even if nothing other than _________ is operating. Coincidences need _________ ____________ _____
Psychologist David Marks (2001) has suggested the neutral term “______________” to signify _______________________ events whose co-occurrence strikes us as _______________________ or __________
Not only do the laws of _______________________ allow oddmatches to happen, but they virtually _______________________ them in the long run.
There are websites dedicated to the “spooky” fact that many famous _______________________ died at age _______________________: Amy Winehouse,
The reason we know this is because of a _______________________ analysis published in the _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ of 1,046 musicians who had a No. 1 album on the British charts from 1956 to 2007
Oddmatches that happen in our _______________________ lives often have _______________________ meaning to us and thus, we are especially prone not to attribute them to _________
We often do not recognize that oddmatches are actually just a _______________________ part of a much _______________________ _______________________ of “nonoddmatches.
In a class of 23 people, what is the _______________________ that 2 of them will have their _______________________ on the same day?
Created by: ariiax
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