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Chapter 1 Geography

what is arable land? an area with fertile soil in a moderate climate with consistent water supply that ca be used to grow crops
what influences where people build settlements? physical characteristics such as fertile soil, resources, climate, and waterways
what are people influenced by? where do they settle? people are influenced by history and tend to settle in places that are already established
name a factor that influences settlement locations? (give the list of 5 options) natural factors, historical influence, political influence, religion influence, economic influence
Identify one example of historical influence The first european settlements in north america (Boston, New York, Halifax, Montreal) we’re established along the east coast and continue to grow in population
where do people often chose to settle in areas that have religious or spiritual influence
by building the trans-serbian railway, what did it result in the development of many settlements along the railway line
with the developemejt in mining, forestry and agriculture, in Brasilia what did it help and increase helped the economy and increased the population
what is birth rate number of people born in a year
what is social attutudes when different cultur s have different norms for family sizes
name all the factors that influence growth rate. indicate shearer it increases, decrease or both birth rate (increases), death rate (decreases), migrations (increases and decreases), population demographics (increases and decreases), social attitudes ( increases and decreases), education ( decreases), economy (decreases), health care (increases)
describe education helping people to learn usually in schools knowledge, training and skills gained from attending school
list the 5 factors that influence settlement locations natural factors, historical influence, political influence, religion influence, economic influence
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