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Chapter 7 psych

the artificiality of scientific experiments is not an accidental oversight. It is___ sought. Scientists deliberately set up conditions that are_____those that occur naturally bc this is the only way to____ the many inherently correlated variables intentionally / unlike/ seperate
Restriction to real-life situations would___ us from discovering many things. For example,___techniques are now used in a variety of areas such as migraine and tension headache control, hypertension treatment, and _______ training prevent / biofeedback/ relaxation
These techniques developed out of research indicating that humans could learn _____ control of their ______ physiological processes if they could _____ the ongoing processes via ____ or _____ feedback partial/ internal/ monitor/ visual/ auditory
Random sampling refers to how subjects are _______________________ to be part of a study. chosen
Research that focuses primarily on theory testing is often termed____ research. Whereas in____ research the purpose of the investigation is to go from data directly to a _____ - ____ application, basic research focuses on theory testing basic/ applied/ real-world
s probably a mistake to view the basic-versus-applied distinction solely in terms of whether a study has _______ applications, because this difference often simply boils down to a matter of _______ pratical/ time
attempts to control the direction of science turn out to_____ rather than facilitate progress. urge to have scientists solve only practical problems turns out to be wildly____& shortsighted bc the road to many practical applications is remarkably _____ impede/ impracticle/ unpredictable
Making a scientific discovery involves bringing together findings from disparate areas of science, and the connections will often be far from _______________________ to a layperson obvious
The college sophomore criticism does not _______________________ past results, but simply calls for _______________________ findings that will allow assessment of the theory’s generality invalidate / more
concerns of people who question “representativeness” of psych. findings focus on the____ of research rather than intricacies of the experimental____. We r confronting whats called the ___ ___ problem; worry that, bc___ ___ r subjects in a large # of subjects/ design/ college sophmore / college sophomores
Created by: ariiax
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