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Chapter 5 psych

early 1900____ of Amer. in the South suffered& died of a disease called_________. Characterized by _______, lethargy, ning sores, vomiting,&severe diarrhea, the disease was thought to be_____ & to be caused by a_______ microorganism of “unknown origin thousands / pellagra/ dizziness, infectious & living
According to Bronfenbrenner Mohoney two researchers he and his assistants even ate______ _____ that contained the ___ &____ of pellagra victims! neither Goldberger nor the other volunteers came down with pellagra. dough balls, feces and urine
Goldberger got 2 _____ of prisoners fromMississippi prison farm free of pellagra to _____ for his ____. One group was given highcarbohydrate,low-protein ___ that he suspected was the _____ of pellagra, while the other group received a______ ____ ____. groups / volunteer / experiment/ deit/ cause/ more balanced diet /
Within _______________________ months, the low-protein group was ravaged by pellagra, while the other group _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ of the disease 5 / showed no signs
Correlations like that b/w sewage and pellagra are often called _____ correlations: correlations that arise not because a___ link exists between the two variables that are measured, but because ____ variables are related to a ____ variab spurios / casual / both / 3rd
It turns out that ____ crime in the US is higher southern states than northern. Anderson and Anderson tested what has been called the ____ _____ -- that “uncomfortably warm temperatures produce increases in aggressive motives and aggressive behavior violent / heat hypthosis /
Not surprisingly, they did find a _______________________ between the _______________________ _______________________ in a city and its _______________________ _______________________ rate correlation / average temperature/ violent crime
Our discussion thus far has identified the two major classes of ambiguity present in a simple______ between two variables. One is called the______ ______ and is illustrated by the _______________________ _______________________ and self-esteem examples correlation / directionality problem / eye movement
The second problem is the _______________________-_______________________ problem, and it is illustrated by the _______________________ example (and the toaster-birth control and private-school-achievement examples 3rd variable / pellagra
The term ______ ___ refers to the relationships between certain subject and environmental variables that may arise when people with different biological,_______, and psychological characteristics _______ different types of _______________________. selection bias / behavorial / select / environments
Selection bias creates a _______________________ correlation between environmental characteristics and behavioral-biological characteristics. spurious
Maybe _______________________ does have good air. And maybe people with _______________________ _______________________ tend to move there. And then they ___________ arizona / respiratory illness / die
Rabin (2009) explains, it has been found that _______________________ _______________________ are moderate in everything they do. They _______________________ moderately and _______________________ moderately moderate drinkers / exercise / eat
Because of _______________________ _______________________, we cannot say that the moderate drinking itself is the __________________ selection effects/ cause
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