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Chapter 1 psych

Frued did not use controlled experimentation
Psychoanalysis contained theories and hypotheses, but it lacked a method of empirical observation
Such hopes are often disappointed, because psychology contains not onegrand theory, but _______________________ _______________________ theories, each covering a _______________________ _______________________ of behavior Many different theories / limited aspect of behavior
Some researchers see the _______________________ of psychology diversity
views psychology as a so-called _______________________ discipline HUB
He cites evidence indicating that, compared with other sciences, psychological findings have quite _______________________ _______________________ for other science broad implications
is to realize that its _______________________ _______________________ is that it is the _______________________- based scientific study of _______________________. defining feature / data-based scientific study of behavior
No, the _______________________ _______________________ is not necessarily obvious, which is why we often have to _______________________ it, even in a society that is dominated by science empirical appraoch / teach it
Scientific observations are usually _______________________ driven; theory driven
They are _______________________ so that, depending on the outcome of the observation, some theories are _______________________ and others _______________________. structred / supported & rejected
a finding must be presented to the _______________________ ________________ in a way that enables _________________ _____________ to attempt the same experiment and obtain the same results. When this occurs, we say that the finding has been ____________. scientific community / other scientists / replicated
_______________________ _______________________ is a procedure in which each paper submitted to a research journal is _____________________ by several _______________________, peer review / critizied by several scientists
This is an idea often suggested by purveyors of _____________ __________________ and ____________________ who try to convince the media and the public that they have been shut out of scientific outlets by a _______________________ of “orthodox science bogus remeidies / therapies/ conspiracy
consider for a minute just how many ____________________ outlets there are in a field like psychology. The APA database _______________________ summarizes articles from over _______________________ _______________________ journals legitimate / psychINFO/ 2K diferent journals
The theory must have specific implications for ____________________ events in the _______________________ world; this is what is meant by empirically testable observable events in the natural world
Psychology is often the bearer of “_______________________ _______________________” t bad tidings
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