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scoliosis comp

Eval criteria for PA scoliosis series thoracic and lumbar spine, 1” of iliac crests seen, vertebral column aligned with IR, marked correctly.
IR size for scoliosis series 14 X 36 lengthwise
SID for scoliosis series 60” minimum
Radiation protection for scoliosis films collimate, shield at ASIS, beast shielding, PA projection
Positioning for PA scoliosis pt. sitting or standing straight, CR entering the midpoint of the cassette and collimated to include 1” of the iliac crests. MSP centered to IR, suspend respiration.
How to determine the primary curvature on a scoliosis film elevate the hip or foot on the convex side of the primary curvature 3-4”, the primary curvature will not change.
Name the 4 curves of the spine cervical, thoracic, lumbar and pelvic
Which curves are convex anteriorly? cervical and lumbar
Name the lordotic curves of the spine cervical and lumbar
Which curves are concave anteriorly? thoracic and pelvic
Name the kyphotic curves of the spine thoracic and pelvic
What are primary curves of the spine? thoracic and pelvic curves are present at birth
Scheurmann’s disease kyphosis onset in adolescence
Spondylolysis breaking down of the vertebra
Intervertebral joint types cartilaginous symphysis
Zygapophyseal joint types synovial gliding
Costovertebral joint types synovial gliding
Costotransverse joint types synovial gliding
Sacroiliac joint synovial irregular gliding or synovial fibrous
Created by: annaluz87