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AgathaChristie Novel

main 10 character info and descriptions

persondescriptionat island becausemurdered who/howmanner of death
Justice Lawrence Wargrave judge-does his job, only looks at the facts, "emotionless" Lady Constance Culmington invited him Edward Seton-sent to death shot in the head
Vera Claythorne young, pretty, games mistress at a third-rate school secretary for Mrs. Owen Cyril Hamilton-child in her care swam to rock and drowned hangs herself
Captain Philip Lombard young, ex-soldier in South Africa paid to go; didn't know job; Morris hired him for his client left 21 Native Americans stranded and they starved to death Vera shots him in the heart
Emily Brent older lady, prude, stuck-up, doesn't like young people free vacation-asked to go there by a lady Beatrice Taylor-kicked her out; she committed suicide; jumped in a river stung by a "bee"-stuck by a needle with cyanide
General Macarthur retired from the Army, older meeting up with old cronies t talk about the war Arthur Richmond killed during war-sent out on a mission hit in the head with an object (life preserver probably)
Dr. Edward Armstrong doctor mainly for wealthy women sent there by Mr. Owen to take care of Mrs. Owen's nerves Louisa Mary Clees-operated on her drunk pushed off the cliff into the sea
Anthony Marston party boy, drives fast, drinks, good-looking went to party John and Lucy Combes hit by his car "choked;" poisoned with cyanide
Mr. William Blore (a.k.a Mr. Davis) detective "Investigate;" hired to keep track of other guests and Mrs. Owen's jewels James Landor-died in jail hit on the head with a marble bear clock
Mr. Thomas Rogers good butler hired to be the butler Jennifer Brady-older woman died in care hit in the head with an axe
Mrs. Ethel Rogers timid, quiet, good cook/maid hired to be the maid/cook also Jennifer Brady-older woman died in care in her sleep-poison chloral
Isaac Morris Jewish man, hypochondriac, drug dealer paid by a client [Wargrave] to get people there; "middleman" gave drugs to the daughter of a friend-she committed suicide given pill by Wargrave which killed him
Created by: 123sstudy
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