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Vol 1 Unit 1

What career field does the AFSC designator indicate? Operations and command and control
How many career field subdivisions are there in the 1C career field? 8
How many skill levels are there in each AFSC? 5 1-helper 3-apprentice 5-journeyman 7-craftsman 9-superintendent
What does the career field subdivision show? related jobs in the career field
What is the requirement to be awarded a 3-level (apprentice)? After you successfully completed the tasks and knowledge training provided in the enlisted space 100 course and completion of tour IQT course at Vandenberg AFB, CA
What is the minimum amount of months spent in UGT that is necessary for a 5-level? You must have a minimum of 15 months in UGT for a 5-level
What is the purpose of the CDC? To provide you with a career broadening perspective of space ops
What are the rewuirements to upgrade to craftsman? Atleast a SSgt, Complete a minimum 12 months in training, recommendation by the supervisor for award of the 7-skill level.
which duty positions do 9-levels normally occupy? Squadron superintendents and various NAF or MAJCOM HQ staff jobs
Assures the friendly use of space environment while denying its use to the enemy. Achived through offensive and defensive counterspace carried out to gain and maintain control and activities conducted in or through the space environment. space control
Detects and tracks sea and land launched, intercontinental ballistic missiles and tactical missiles using varierty of systems. Missile warning
Responsible for range management, launch preparation and area clearance for all space launch and range activities Range Operations
plans satellite contacts, resolves emergencies, and performs satellite commanding during launch, early orbit, daily operations, and end-of-life testing. satellite command and control
Detects, identifies, catalogs, and maintains surveillance on low-earth orbitiing and deep-space satellites. Space surveillance
What are some general duties of a journeyman? Journeyman may be tasked to indoctrinate newly assigned personnel and explain local operatng procedures and directives.
What are some general duties of a journeyman? Journeymen, qualified as instructors, train personnel in various duty positions and ensure trainees competence on applicable system equipment.
What are some general duties of a journeyman? They also instruct in methods of commanding, controlling, telemetry, tracking of satellites, and preparing satellite data.
What will a journeyman SPT process? Perform conjunction analysis, process daily satellite observations and correlate of handling and situation.
What is the primary difference between a craftsman and a journeyman.? As a craftsman, you are counted on to be a highly proficient technician, ready and capable of handling and situation.
Discribe briefly the duties of a superintendent. Developes and advocate operational requirements for current and future systems, and analyze reports on system operation and data. They develop, coordinate, monitor and/or review operational requirements.
When do you earn your basic space badge? Completion of space 100; completed all requirements to maintain CMR status, present a space professional certification briefing to a certifying official.
what certification must you have to earn the Command Space Badge? certification level 3
Identify the hazards associated with the operation or activity. Identify the Hazard
Determine the probability and severity of ill effects assess the risk
Evaluate the specific strategies and controls that reduce or eliminate risk analyze risk control measures
Make decisions at the appropriate level, and based upon analysis of overall costs and benefits. make control decisions
Develop an implementation strategy implement risk contols
Periodically reevaluate the controls to ensure thier efectiveness supervise and review
What environment conditions can we control? Light, temperature, ventilation, and noise
What precautions must you take when working in adverse weather conditions? secure equipment, use extra precautions, and think safety before you do an otherwise normal task.
Why is good housekeeping important? It eliminates hazardous conditionsand reduces the chance of an accident.
Why is isopropyl alcohol dangerous? It is extremley flammable
What precautions must yo take when you store volatile subatances? Volatile substances require external storage and post NO SMOKING signs indicating no smoking within 50 ft.
What are some of the effects of an electric shock? A.Contraction of the chest muscles, which may interfere with breathing and cause death.
What are some of the effects of an electric shock? B.Temporary paralysis of the nerve center, which may result in failure to breathe
What are some of the effects of an electric shock? venricular fibrillation, an irregular and erratic heartbeat, which may result in a heart attack
what is the external electrical resistance of wet skin? 1000 ohms
What is the common misconception associated with high voltage? there is a common misconception that it takes a high voltage to kill you. Its not voltage that kills you, its amperage.
List three sources that can give off RFR Microwave ovens, radars, tv, radio com equipment, satellite comm equipment
What is the effect of RFR exposure on the human body and vital organs? RFR causes heating in body tissue
Whenever possible, what must all personnel avoid doing to prevent RFR exposure? Whenever possible, In an operational situation, all personnel should avoid the area of radiating power from radar antennas.
What is a TO? It is a manual that covers installation, operation, troubleshooting, repairing, removing, calibration, servicing, or handling of Air Force military systems.
How can a TO help you during anomalous situations? it will help you by providing guidance and direction in times of stress.
What are three possible priorities assigned to recommended changes? Emergency, Urgent, and routine
What is the purpose of a demand-response procedure? Requires accountability for all steps beingcompleted in a specific order. failure to follow these procedures can cause mission failure or personnel injury
What are the three possible special markings used on a TO to satisfy occupational safety and health standards? Warnings, cautions, and notes
What are secure and non-secure communications? Encrypted comm prevent the interception of informatio; non encrypted comm can be intercepted.
When do you verify that all information can be released to foeign nationals? Verify that the information can be released to foreign nationals before you relay information over a secure line.
List three prohibited activities for e-mail use? Sending or recieving electronic messages for commercial or personal gain
List three prohibited activities for e-mail use? Intentionally or unlawfully misrepresenting your identity or iffiliation in electronic messaging communications
List three prohibited activities for e-mail use? Sending harassing, intimidating, abusive, or offensive material to, or about each other.
List three prohibited activities for e-mail use? Causing congestion on the network by such things as the propagation of chain letters, junk e-mails, and broadcasting inappropriate messages to groups or individuals.
List three prohibited activities for e-mail use? Accessing commercial web mail accounts adn instant messageing services.
What are two types of websites maintained by the Air Force? Public websitePrivate website
Under what article of the UCMJ can you be punished if you do a prohibited activity? Article 92 of the UCMJ
What digit is the Air Force specialty code (AFSC) designates the careerfield subdivision? The Third
How many college crdits are needed to complete your CCAF associate degree in the air and space technology? 64
What is the Maximum ammount of tuition available under the AF tuition assiatance program? 4500.00 per fiscal year
What is the minimum amount of space experience (in months) is required to attend space 200 course? 48 months 72 months for space 300
The Chief enlisted manager (CEM) code is assigned to personnel who have ...._______. Reached the highest level proficiency and management skills.
which space operations discipline detects and tracks sea and land lauched ICBM? Missile warning
Which space operation discipline deals with completing routine and contingency commanding to individual satellites? satellite command and control (Sat C2)
which space operations discipline is responsible for range management, launch preparation and area clearance for all space launchand range activities? Spacelift
Which space operations discipline detects, identidies, catalogs, and maintains surveillance on low earth orbiting and deep space satellites? Space surveillance
What is the first step of the risk management process? Identify the hazards associated with the operation or activity.
what is the last step of the risk management processing? Periodically reevaluate the controls to ensure their effectiveness
What is the first rule of good housekeeping when dealing with physical hazards in the work environment? Developing good personal safety habits
What is the only authorized item to clean computer monitors? Alcohol-free wipes
when storing cleaning agents or other environmental hazards inan external storage container, smoking is "not permitted" within how many feet? 50 feet
As defined by the Air Force, what is a high voltage current? 600 volts or greater
The minimum ammount of electrical current required to incapacitate an average person is..? 50 milliamperes
What is the "microwave hearing effect" in radio frequency radiation (RFR)? hearing a clicking, buzzing or chirping sound inside your head
What can cause a weapon system to be exempt from the TO system? Security Classification
What priority is assigned to a TO change that could result in over 25000 or 1000 man-hrs annual savings to the AF Urgent
What special marking highlights an essential operating or maintenance procedure, which, if not strictly observed, could result in injury to, or death of, personnel or long term health hazards? warning
what is the purpose of secure communications? To prevent the interception of information
What should you do when discussing classified information over non-secure comm lines? Discussing classified information is not allowed
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