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Rad Bio Test 2

RDTC 236

Low dose radiation over a long period of time produces __ effect? Stochastic Effect
High dose radiation produces __ effect? Deterministic Effect
Shrinkage of organ/tissue from Cell Death? Atrophy
Skin Reddening? Erythemia
Dose to see Erythemia? 200 rad
Dose to see Main Erythemia? 600 rad (Dermis gone)
__ is hair falling out? At what dose? Epilation, 300 rad
Dose for Permanent Epilation? 700 rad
__ is ulceration, skin lesions? At what dose? Desquamation, 1500 rad
Minimal Response dose for Gonadal Effects - delayed ovulation, reduced sperm production? 10 rad
Dose for Temporary Sterility? 200 rad
Dose for Permanent Sterility? 500 rad
Blood cell LEAST sensitive to radiation? Erythrocytes
Blood cell MOST sensitive to radiation? Lymphocytes
Granulocytes & Platelets are NOT sensitive to radiation (T/F)? False
Stochastic Effects ↑ Dose = ↑ __ ? ↑ Dose = ↑ Risk (Stochastic)
Deterministic Effects ↑ Dose = ↑ __? ↑ Dose = ↑ Severity (Deterministic)
__ Effects show Linearity NONthreshold Probability increase with NO change in Severity? Stochastic
__ Effects involve Higher Doses with Threshold responses? Deterministic
Callused, discolored, brittle, cracked, flake skin caused by LONG Term Exposure to HIGH Doses of Radiation? Radiodermititis
Cataracts appear on NonLinear threshold response at what dose? 200 rad
#1 cancer from radiation? __ yrs to develop? At risk period? Leukemia 4-7 yrs, at risk 20 yrs
Absolute Risk of Radiation-Induced Leukemia? 1.5 cases/10⁶ (persons/rad/yr)
Absolute Risk of ALL Cancers? 10 cases/10⁶
Risk Estimate formula? Relative Risk = Observed Cases/Expected Cases
Excess Risk = __ -__ Excess Risk = Observed Cases - Expected Cases
__ is dose that will double the occurrence of Genetic Mutations? Doubling Dose
Human Doubling Dose? 50-250 rad
R → c/kg R / 3880 = c/kg
c/kg → R c/kg x 3880 = R
rad → rem rad x QF = rem
Gy → Sv Gy x QF = Sv
rad → Gy rad x .01 = Gy
Gy → rad Gy x 100 = rad
rem → Sv rem x .01 = Sv
Roentgen = __? R=rad (Rx1=rad)
Sv → rem Sv x 100 = rem
mrad → Sv mrad→rad→Gy x QF = Sv
Units of measure for Exposure in Air? C/kg & R
Units of measure for Absorbed Dose? Gy & rad
Units of measure for Dose Equivalent? Sv (Gy x QF) & rem (rad x QF)
SI Absorbed Dose __ = 1 __ Gy = 1 joule/kg
Traditional Absorbed Dose __ = __ rad = 100 ergs/g
1 rad = __ Gy = __ mGy 1 rad = .01 Gy = 10 mGy
1 Gy = __ rad 1 Gy = 100 rad
Thermal Neutron QF 5
Fast Neutrons & Alpha Particles QF 20
Annual dose limit for Radiation worker? 50 mSv (5 rem)
Cumulative Life dose limit for Radiation worker? 10 mSv x age (1 rem x age)
Equivalent Annual dose for Lens of the EYE? 150 mSv (15 rem)
Equivalent Annual dose for Thyroid, Skin, Hands, Feet? 500 mSv (50 rem)
Annual dose for Public Exposure? 1 mSv (100 mrem)
Annual dose for Minors? 1 mSv (100 mrem)
Monthly dose limit for Fetus of Rad worker? .5 mSv (50 mrem)
9 Month/Term dose limit for Fetus of Rad worker? 5 mSv (500 mrem)
rems x __ = mSv rems x 10 = mSv
Effective Dose = ? Radiation Weighting Factor x Tissue Weighting Factor x Absorbed Dose
EfD = __ x __ x __ EfD = Wr x Wt x Dose
1 TVL = __ HVL 3.3 HVL
rem → mSv Rem x 10 = mSv
Created by: RadTechTKD