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Driver's Ed(#5-8)

How do signs communicate meaning? Color, shape and words
What do railroad advance warning signs look like? Yellow and round
An odd-numbered Interstate using a signle or double digit number indicates what kind of route? Route runs north and south
What does a solid yellow line on your side of the road mean? You can't pass
What are solid white lines used for? To mark the edge of the highway
What does a driver's license do? Allows people to drive without being accompanied by an adult
What kind of laws are designed to help drivers understand who should be granted the privilege of proceeding first when more than one vehicle approaches an intersection at about the same time? Right-of-Way
What is a certificate of motor vehicle title? Required to demonstrate proof of ownership of the vehicle.
What is related to reckless driving behavior? Improper driving like speeding, failure to yield or turning from the wrong lane.
Most states have blood-alcohol concentration limits of what percent for drivers under age 21? .02
What type of vision is the five-degree cone that makes up only three percent of a driver's total visual field? Central vision
What is the distance you look ahead identified as? Visual lead
How many seconds ahead should a driver search the highway? 20-30 seconds
A driver should maintain a visual-control zone of at least how many seconds ahead? 12-15 seconds
To effectively search the total traffic scene, drivers should monitor which areas of the vehicle? Monitor the rear, front and the side
A space into which you can safely direct your vehicle with the lowest possible risk is referred to as what? Intended path of travel
The size of your space margin depends on what? Your speed, width of vehicle, etc.
How many seconds should you maintain a stopping zone distance of? 4-5 seconds
The key to the Basic Speed Law is to drive at what speed for conditions? Drive at a reasonable speed
Changes in what is a major highway condition that requires you to adjust your speed? stopping zone and following distance
Created by: apaige1256
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