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Niagara Falls Voc. 2

Niagara Falls or Does It? Vocabulary List #2

Focus, draw to a common center. Concentrate
Brown Color. Burnt Sienna
Lowest story of a building. Basement
Dazzling Style. Pizzaz
Stimulation of the mind or emotions. Inspiration
To take more time than necessary. Dawdle
Received from the original source. First Hand
To walk or move with heavy clumsiness. Lumbering
A small dog having a long body. Dachshund
To roam as in search of prey. Prowl
When paper and glue molded to make a shape when dry. Paper Mache [MA-SHAY]
To create by putting together parts. Composition
People making a trip for pleasure or culture. Tourists
Struck repeatedly with blows. Pelted
To set a float. Launch
Splash or flounder in water. Sloshed
Remaining suspended in place. Hovering
Period of 100 years. Century
Confused, unorganized. Chaos
Lack of responsibility, unreliable. Irresponsible
Giving a spirit of hope. Encouragement
To offer to give services. Volunteer
Colorless imitation stone made of glass. Rhinestones
Something made for a particular purpose. Device
Break down of strength or energy. Collapsed
Exclusion. Exceptions
Bothering, irritating. Annoying
Act of supervising, watching over. Supervision
Supposed, taken for granted. Assumed
Gathered up or folded. Tucked
Created by: wvolkworks
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