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Audio unit review

1. Audacity accepts sounds for editing in two ways: input and output
2. Echo, repeat, and fade are all found under this menu: Effect
3. Which hardware device is compatible with Audacity?
4. Which is NOT an acceptable audio file format?
5. The Audacity editable file type: .mp3
6. Sound effects movie makers create are called: foley
7. The tool that allows you to adjust the volume at different points on a track:
8. Use no more that this amount of any copyrighted music or lyric;
9. Creating an mp3 version of an audio CD is called:
10. The definition of sound: vibrations that travel through the air or another medium and can be heard when they reach a person's or animal's ear.
11. Example of an analog recording: microphone
12. What type of recording does Audacity deal with? audio
13. Frequency is measured in: hertz
14. This feature allows you to change the positioning of tracks relative to one another:
15. A single line of audio:
16. Processes used to artificially enhance or emphasize soundwaves?
17. Use this to alter the relative volume of a track:
18. The smallest variation in amplitude that can be detected by the human ear:
19. A story or lesson, recorded and published to the web for an audience to listen to:
20. What does DAC stand for?
21. Mono is a single channel while this is a left and right channel:
22. .mp3 files are used for:
23. The middle ear contains the:
24. Which tool is NOT part of the Toolbar in Audacity?
25. When editing audio, which button must be pressed before actual editing can happen?
Created by: devink
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