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Driver's Ed (#1-4)

Driver's ed

all of the aboveanswer
Approximately how long does it take a new driver to reach the average experienced driver? 5 years
Each year, approximately how many people are killed in motor vehicle-related collisions in the U.S? 35,000
More than what percentage do all vehicle-occupant fatalities occur in single-vehicle crashes? 50%
Approximately what percent of crashes are caused by driver error? 90%
True or false? Nearly half of all new drivers will either be cited for a traffic offense or be involved in a collision during their first 12 months of driving. True
How often should the pre-driving checks identified for approaching the vehicle, outside the vehicle and inside the vehicle be performed? Every time you drive
When approaching you vehicle parked at a curb, what should you do? Face traffic as you approach the driver's side
Under normal driving conditions, checks under the hood should be performed how often? At least once a month or as many as the manual recommends
In vehicles equipped with a driver's-side air bag, sitting closer than how many inches from the steering wheel increases the chance of arm, neck or facial injury in the event of a crash? 10 inches
The top of the head restraint should remain adjusted at what point? Slightly above the ears
To allow enough distance to stop in response to threatening objects or conditions, you should identify a planned path of travel how many seconds ahead? 12-15 seconds
Under most conditions a minimum following interval of how long will enable you to adjust speed or position appropriately? 3-4 seconds
If a vehicle's speed doubles from 20 mph to 40 mph, the distance needed to stop the vehicle increases by how many times? 4 times
When braking hard, the weight of the vehicle noticeably shifts where? To the front
When turning to the right, the contact patches of which set of tires will increase in size? Left side tires
When starting the engine, when should you release the key? As soon as the engine turns on
What steps do you follow when backing up? Watch where you are travelling through the back window
What type of acceleration is used to maintain slow forward motion or allowing speed to increase gradually with minimum weight shift? Light acceleration
What is total stopping time is made up of? Perception time, reaction time, and braking time
What is an Anti-lock braking system(ABS)? It helps the driver maintain control under hard braking
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