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Abnorm Psychology

test one

What is abnormal psychology scientific study of mental problems
Clinical Scientists gather information predict and explain
clinical practitioners detect and treat abnormalities
What are the 4 D's Deviance Distressing Dysfunctional and dangerous
Norms Stated and unstated rules for conduct
Culture history values in situations habits skills technology and arts
who was Szaz thought abnormal psych was a myth that society creates to control the norm
What are 3 essential features to therapy Sufferer seeking relief, trained and accepted listener, series of contacts between the two
What was Trephination Instrument used to cut away circular section of the skull
What is exorcism tortured scared prayed and plead for sprints to leave
Humors believed what that we have yellow bile black bile blood and phlegm, too much yellow- frenzy too much black-depression
How was Europe in the middle ages? church was highly involved so satans work was assumed usually
what does lycanthropy mean posessed by wolves
what is tyrantism bit by a spider
Who was the first mental illness specialist Johann Weyer, formed asylums
Who were Pinel and Turke? First supporters and activists of moral treatment
What is Thorndikes law of effect? If a response is followed by a positive consequence response will be repeated if a response is followed by a negative one it wont
What are behaviorist interested in thinking and feeling
What are humanistic interested in self esteem emotions, thinks we are genetically programmed to be as good as posible.
What did Rogers believe Person is the center and there are 3 conditions of worth genuineness, unconditional positive regaurd, empathy
What did Gostaut think Cake ingrediants, all are needed and we need to focus on the now
What is an enmensed family youre so close you cant breathe
what is a disengaged family dont talk very often
What are biases that increase anxiety gay, gender, weight
What is Idiographic individual information about clients that could help a person overcome problems specific to them
what is an Assessment collecting information to reach a conclusion
Clinical assessment How and why a person is behaving abnormally using interviews tests and observations
Standardize set up common steps to be followed no matter who is administering, also helpful to do when reading so we can avoid biasis
Reliability consistancy of measures should answer the same in the same situations
Interrater reliability needs more than one judge because it isnt black or white
validity accurately measure what its intended to measure
face validity may seem correct because it would make sense but could be wrong
predictive test to judge what will happen in the future, for example on kids ot see if they will become smokers
concurrent validity degree in which the tool compares with one already in use
Clinical interviews face to face encounter
What happens in the first contact with a clinical interview detailed list of problems feels and reason for therapy
psychodynamic needs memories past events and relationships
behaviorial try to pinpoint stimulus and consequences
cognitive assumptions and interpretations
humanistic self evaluation and values
biological chemicals and dysfunction
sociocultural family and the social environments impacts
Unstructured ask open ended questions, usually for humanistic and psychodynamic
Structured Designed for same questions for everyone regaurdless of answer, behavioral and cognitive uses
Mental Status exam set of questions that evaluate clients awareness and regaurd to time place attention memory judgement and insight through content mood and appearance
What are the limitations of clinical tests clients may alter themselves for personal reasons, we rely on first impressions too highly, people respond differently to inverviewers based on race gender and age
Test device for gathering information, currently 500 in US
Projective test Do little tasks like draw or interpret for inner feelings to come out
Rorschach Test A projective test, Inkplot
Thematic Appreciation Projective test 30 general pictures of people, you have to tell a story
Sentence Completion Projective spring board for discussion
Drawing Projective Must draw humans and the details reveal
Personality Inventories asks questions about behavior beliefs and feelings
What is MMPI2 Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, more than 500 true false questions with 10 scales rating 0-120 for each
Psychathenia Obsessions compulsions abnormal fears guilt and indecisiveness
Response inventories more specific questions about themselves with emotion or social or cognitive to understand its role in a person
Affective measures severity as well
Beck Depression Inventory Rates the level of sadness and functioning
Psychophysilogical measures physical response to psychological things like heart rate temperature and blood pressure
Example of Psychophysiliogical polygraph test
Neuro test electroencephalogram- brain qaves and neron fire
Cat scan x ray
Pet Scan motion picture of chemicals
MRI magnets create detailed picture
Neuropsycho Test measure cognitive perceptual and motor
Bender Visual motor gestult test look at a picture and redraw it
intellegence test Judge reason and comprehend well can only be indirectly measured
Simon and Binet IQ Test
DSM 4TR Diagnostic statistical manual of mental disorders text revised volume 4
comorbid more than one diagnosis
EAP employee assiistance program, we send mental illness to hospital, hospital sends employees to therapists
milieu enviornment thats helpful with meditation
Dorthea Dix In US made it so that there were laws for humane treatement and got 32 state hospitals
If you wanted a career in which you focus on detecting, assessing, and treating abnormal patterns of functioning, you should look into becoming a clinical practitioner
Brilliant scholars or champion athletes are not considered clinically abnormal because their behaviors are valued by the culture.
Which aspect of the definition of abnormality includes the inability to care for oneself and work productively? dysfunction
Which of the following statements is most accurate regarding the incidence of psychological abnormality, historically and worldwide? it appears in all cultures at all periods of time
made to drink bitter herbal potions and then submit to a beating, in the hope that “evil spirits” will be driven from the person's body. This form of “therapy” is called exorcism
The largest percentage of survery respondents believe that people bring on mental illness themselves
Which of the following is part of the legacy of Dorothea Dix state mental hospitals
Hippocrates' model of mental illness would be described as somatogenic
The somatogenic treatment for mental illness that seems to be the most successful is the use of various medications
The early psychogenic treatment that was advocated by Mesmer, Josef Breuer, and even Sigmund Freud was hypnotism
Freud was all about unconscious
Psychoanalysis is NOT very effective for hospitalized mental patients because patients lack the necessary insight and verbal skills.
Drugs designed to decrease extremely confused and distorted thinking are termed antipsychotics
If your primary symptom were excessive worry, the best psychotropic drug for you would be an antianxiety medicine
In the United States today, one is most likely to find a severely ill mental patient on the street or in jail
Wich of the following research methods is used to determine a relationship between two variables, but does not prove cause and effect correlational
Which of the following is not a common feature of managed care programs? patients choice in how many sessions of therapy
A physician who offers psychotherapy is called a psychiatrist
Somatogenic Perspective abnormal psych functioning has physical causes
Psychogenic Perspective the chief causes of abnormal functioning are psychological
A panel of psychologists and psychiatrists evaluates the test results and clinical interviews of a client in a sanity hearing. They all arrive at the same diagnosis. The panel has high: interrater reliability
An inventory that asks about one's level of anxiety, depression, and anger affective inventory
In science, the perspectives used to explain phenomena are known as paradigms
Understanding a person's unconscious processes is critical in explaining abnormality.” Which model of abnormality does this quote most closely represent? psychodynamic
“Abnormal” behaviors—indeed, all behaviors—are acquired through learning.” Which model of abnormality does this quote most closely represent? behavior
Depression has been linked to which neurotransmitter abnormality low activity of serotonin and norepinephrine
Freud believed that the three central forces that shape the personality were the instinctual needs, realistic thinking, and conscience.
A psychoanalyst says that a middle-aged patient appears to be extremely dependent, mistrustful, and depressed. The term the psychoanalyst would most likely use for this patient is: fixiated
According to psychoanalytic theory, which of the following is true regarding dreams they reflect unconscious needs and desires
A previously neutral environmental event that becomes associated with the unconditioned stimulus is called a conditioned stimulus
A client in a totally relaxed state vividly imagines formerly anxiety-arousing situations without feeling any lingering anxiety. Most likely, that client has just completed what type of therapy systematic desensitization
deinstitutionalized began in 1960's mass releasing of mental illness paitents
psychotrophic medications mainly affect the brain and reduces dysfunction
moral treatment 19th century approach using respect and talking
asylum 16th century almost like a prison
single subject experiment observations and experiments on single subject before and after manipulated
analogue experiment experimenter produces abnormal behavior in subjects then experiments on them
quasi experiment make use of already existing control and experimental factors in the large world
placebo experiment a sham that people beleive to be real
blind design people do not know if they are in the experiment or control group
confound an element that affects the dependent variable other than the independent
prevalence total number of cases of a disorder in a population over time
epidimiological prevalance and incidence in population
external validity the extent that the results can be generalized to the population
nomethetic understanding understanding of nature causes and treatments in abnormal psychology in form of laws and principles
hormones released by glands into the bloodstream
Diathesis Predisposition
Ediology cause, psych social and biological
id pleasure center
ego reality and reason
superego conscience ideal self
oral 0-1
anal 1-2
phallic 3-5
genital puberty and beyond
cartharsis perging of the mind
transference emotional bond
existential meaningless until we find a value for it
Axis 1 an extensive list of clinical sydromes causing impairment ex. major depressive disorder
Axis 2 Personality disorder/ mental retardation example dependent personality disorder
Axis 3 information concerning relevant general medical condition example diabetes
Axis 4 special psychosocial or enviornmental problems example school or housing problems
Axis 5 global assessment of functioning GAF of 1-100 on severity
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