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intro to pathology

clinical pathology

what is pathogenesis development of unhealthy conditions process that result in disease cellular events and reactions
Path(o)pertains to what? pertaining to disease
what is a traditional medical model .Illness defined by anatomical and physiological process .Assumes psychological,social and spiritual influences are independent of illness
what are the four preferred practice patterns
what are the four elements of the Nagi disablement Model Pathology impairment functional limitations disability
define what pathology mean in the Nagi model it is the problem
define what impairment means what is happening to the body
what are some functional limitations .daily activities ex. can not walk
define what disability means a disadvantage or deficiency especially a physical or mental impairment
define enablement model
define I C f
everything has to do with everything ICF model . Activity being the foundation Activity relates to everything hear Health condition - disease/disorder body function and structure participation environmental factors
Health is a state of complete physical mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity
what are the 4 health states of a patient Biological psychological spiritual sociological
what are the to main points in patient care for successful management .we need to know more than just the pathogenesis .we need to understand the whole individual
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