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MIS Test 1


What is Information? Information is when data/ facts are used in a meaningful and useful context
What are the 5 fundamental components of a computer based information system? The five components of a computer based information system are: Hardware, software, data, procedures (processes) and people
What is MIS? MIS is the development and use of IS that help businesses achieve goals and objectives.
How does IS differ from IT? IS= IT+procedures + people, IS makes IT useful.
How do successful business professionals use IS? Successful business professionals us IS to gain a competitive advantage, to think creatively about problems, and to develop new applications and technologies.
What are some new and developing IS technologies? Some new IS opportunities that are developing are Getty Images, Media partners and YouTube.
What is Moore's Law? Moore's law states: the number of transistors per square inch on an integrated chip doubles every 18 months.
What is your role in IS security? create strong passwords
What is this class about? This class is about realizing technology is always changing, considering how techonoy can be used in other areas to accomplish goals, stopping unauthorized access, spreading news, and security.
Why should you used information systems for collaboration? You should use information systems for collaboration because it makes your life easier, easier to track your work and information, creates better results, it is a highly marketable skill.
How can you use collaborative systems to improve team communication? You can use collaborative systems to improve team communication by creating groups, conference calls, surveys, forums, email, and video conferencing.
How can you use collaboration systems to manage content? There are 2 categories for content management:no control, version control/ tracking, and version management
What is an FTP? File Transfer Protocol- Single storage location everyone may access
What is a form of version management? Wikis
What are some specific collaboration applications? Microsoft SharePoint, master control, document locator, subversion, cvs
Decisions occur at what 3 levels? Decisions occur at operational (TPS), managerial(MIS) and strategic levels (EIS)
What is a structured decision? A structured decision is understood and accepted method for making decision.
What is an unstructured decision? An unstructured decision is when there is no agreed-on or standardized decision-making method.
What is the difference between an automation and augmentation? In automation: hardware and program components do most of the work whereas in augmentation-humans do the bulk of the work. in augmentation, systems support the work of people (ex: email, videoconferencing)
What are Porter's five competitive forces? Porter's five competitive forces are 1. Bargaining power of the consumer 2. bargaining power of the producer 3. threat of entrants 4. threat of substitutions 5. rivalry amongst existing firms
What are Porter's four competitive strategies? Porter's 4 competitive strategies are: 1. broad cost leadership 2. narrow cost leadership 3. broad differentiation 4. narrow differentiation.
What is a value chain? A value chain is a network of value creating activities.
What are the 5 primary activities of a value chain? The five primary activities of a value chain are 1. Inbound logistics 2. Marketing and sales 3. Operations 4. Outbound logistics 5. Service
What are linkages? Linkages are interactions across the value chain that are sources of efficiencies, readily supported by IS, and are often used to reduce inventory costs.
What are 8 ways IS provides competitive advantages? Red Cellr- IS provide competitive advantages by 1. creating a new product/ service 2. enhance product/ service 3. differentiate product/ service 4. lock in customers 5. lock in suppliers 6. raise barriers to mkt entry 7. alliances 8. reduce costs
What is knowledge management? Knowledge management is the process of creating value from intellectual capital and sharing that knowledge with employees, managers, suppliers, customers, and others.
What is a form of organizational memory? Lessons learned and best practices are forms of organizational memory.
What are content management systems? Can you name the biggest example? Content management systems are information systems that track documents, Web pages, graphics and related material. The biggest example of content management is Google.
What are expert systems? What are their drawbacks? Expert systems are rule based systems. If/ Then statements. Their drawbacks are they are expensive, difficult to maintain, and dont live up to expectations
Every computing system has what three components? Every computing system has input, processing, and output
What are the basic hardware categories? IPOS are the hardware categories- Input, Processing, Output, Storage.
Computer's smallest data is _____ and is made up of a code written in _____. Computer data's smallest data is a bit and is written in X and O code.
What does CPU stand for? Computer Processing Unit
What came first, hardware or software? Software came first
What is a CDs life? 8-10 years
How does a CPU transfer programs or data from disk to main memory? A CPU transfers programs/ data via a data channel or bus
What does an operating system do? An OS is a traffic cop that controls computer's resources and blocks of data.
What is a database? A database is a structured collection of records or data that is stored in a computer system so that a computer program or person using a query language can consult it to answer queries.
What is grid computing Grid computing is a network of computers operating as one computer.
Cache and main memory are ______ which means they need _______ to function. Cache and main memory are volatile which means they need electricity to function.
Magnetic and optical disks are _________ which means they do NOT need _______ to function. Magnetic and optical disks are nonvolatile which means they do not need electricity to function.
What is a server farm? A server farm isa large collection of coordinated services
What is cloud computing? Example? Cloud computing are computing networks provided as a service on the internet. Ex: facebook
What are the two fundamental types of software? The two fundamental types of software are 1. operating systems and 2. application programs
What is IS? IS is a group of components that interact to produce information to help a business achieve its goals.
Created by: chaphoops3233
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