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psych stats 1 test

Description vs. prediction vs. understanding Description means explaining an event by measuring it. Prediction means knowing a persons score on one variable to estimate their score on another variable. Understanding means cause and effect realationships.
attributive vs. associative vs. casual These are all types of research hypotheses. Attributive hypotheses meet the goal of description and state that a phenomenon exists and can be measured. Associative hypothesis meets the goal of prediction and states that a statistical relationship exists b
Determinism (vs. random behavior) vs. determinism (vs. Free will) In science we belive that behavior is lawful, as opposed to random. This is the definition of determinism. In theology determinism is a question of whether we control our own actions.
Describe the 3 different goals or types of knowledge sought by psychological researchers. The goals of knowledge r description prediction and understanding Description means explaining an event by measuring it Prediction mean knowing a persons score on 1 variable to estimate their score on another Understanding mean cause n effect relationship
Give a general definition of a research hypothesis and tell its most important property. Describe the 3 types of hypothese and tell what kind of evidence must be supplied to support each. Be sure to mention the which type of hypotesis is tied to each goal A research hypothesis is a testable question, it's most important property is that it can be wrong. An attributive hypothesis meets the goal of description shows a construct exists and can be measured An associative hypothesis meets the goal of prediction
Which do researchers use more often, descriptive univariate statistics or inferential univariate statistics? Why? Give an example, not used in lecture that shows you understand the difference between the two "versions" of the mean. Researchers use inferential statistics far more, because we are interested n populations but must work with samples. I want to know if new mothers want to have more children. I gather a sample of 100 new mothers from TGH. 30 say they do want more children
12. What are the attributes of a normal distribution? How do you identify if a variable you are analyzing has one, and why would you care? A normal distribution has a single mode and is symmetrical around the mean. We want our distributions to be normal because our statistics are only accurate summaries of normal distribution. There are 4 way to identify normal distribution. The mean can = t
What information is available about a sample distribution if the mean, median, and standard deviation are provided? You have 2 measures of central tendency in the arithmatic average and the 50 percentile score. You know the average variability around the mean. Using the mean and the median you can detect skewness. Finally by combining mean and std you can tell the rang
Created by: Lauren2455
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