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Pharm #1

Prefixes and suffixes

-prils ACE inhibitors
-sartan ARB
-setrons anti-nausea
-afils for erectile dysfunction
-triptans anti-migraine
-statin lowers cholesterol
-prazole Protein pump inhibitor
gliptins/flozins for type 2 DM
-azole antifungal
-lols beta blocker
-dipines calcium channel blocker
-abans anticoagulant
-nibs cancer growth blocker
-floxacin flouroquinalone
-mycin macrolides
-poetins hormones
-pams benzos
-azosins alpha-beta blocker
-cillins penicillin
-mabs monoclonal antibodies
-tides peptides
adrenergic drugs affect what system? sympathetic nervous system
Beta 1 drugs affect what system? the heart
Beta 2 drugs affect what system? the lungs
cholinergic drugs affect what system? parasympathetic nervous system
Alpha 1 drugs do what to the body vasoconstriction
epinephrine is part of which drug class catecholamine
is dopamine a inotropic, chronotropic, dromotropic drug? inotropic
Propranolol belongs to which drug class? beta blockers
Atropine is what kind of drug? anticholinergic
What does miotic mean? pinpoint pupils
what does mydriasis mean dilated pupil
what does a antagonistic drug do? stops action
what does a agonistic drug do? creates action