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Electricity and mag

Electricity and magnetism

Why is copper used by electricians to wire homes? Copper is a great conductor of electricity
Naturally occurring electricity (the build up of an electric charge) is known as: Static Electricity
A complete path is necessary in order to create a electrical circuit (T/F) True
A piece of iron encircled by a coil of wire through which an electric current is passed to magnetize the iron is known as: An electromagnet
What 3 things do you need to make an electromagnet? A piece of iron, wire and a battery
Which object will a magnet attract? (paper, plastic or iron) Iron
A magnet has 2 poles: North and: South
Opposite poles attract. Same poles- Repel
Why do magnets repel and attract? ( What do they have around them?) They contain a force/magnetic field around them
What is necessary to have in order for electricity to move from the source (the wall outlet) to the vacuum clearer in order for the vacuum cleaner to work/power on? (Magnets or a circuit?) A circuit
What is a circuit? A pathway made of wires that electrons can flow through
What flows through a circuit to create electricity? Electrons
Give 2 examples of static electricity: Balloon and hair & feet and carpet
Using less batteries (or a smaller power source) will increase the strength of an electromagnet (T/F) False
If an object allows an electric charge to pass through it easily, it is known as a: (Conductor or Insulator?) Conductor
If an object does not allow an electric charge to pass through it easily, it is known as an: (Conductor or Insulator?) Insulator
Not able to be seen through (not transparent) Opaque
Allowing light to pass through it (can see through it easily) Transparent
What does a good heat conductor do? It allows heat to pass through it easily
Choose the 2 best heat conductors? (penny, iron, water, wood) A penny and iron
Do you need a power source and a complete circuit to conduct electricity? (Y/N) Yes
The object used to start and stop the flow of electricity is know as a: switch
A battery is an example of a: Power source
Which will not be attracted by a magnet? (a paperclip, another magnet, metal hanger, screw, a nickel) A Nickel
Rubber Wood Plastic. These are examples of good__________. Insulators
A girl gets shocked going down a slide. This is an example of: Static Electricity
Many electric devises use what type of magnet? An electromagnet
Naturally occurring Static electricity: Give an example: Lightning
Created by: apetrillo