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Peninsulares Born in Spain,they head colonial government, society
Creoles AMerican -born Spaniards who can become army officers
Mulattos Have both Eurpoean and Afican ancestry
Simon Bolivar Wealthy Creole leads Venezuela in revolution
Jose de San Martin Leader of Argentinean revloutionary forces
Miguel Hidalgo Priest who launches Mexican revolt
Jose Maria Morelos Leads revolt after Hidalgo's defeat, but loses
Conservative Landowners, nobles want traditional monarchies
Liberal Wealthy merchants, business owners want limited democracy
Radical Believe in liberty, equality; want evryone to have a vote
Nationalism Loyalty to nation of people with conmmon culture, history
Nation-state Nation with its own independent government
Balkans Region of Europe controlledby Ottomans in early 1800s
Louis -Napoloen Napoleon's nephew -elected president
Alexander II Czar who determines to make social and economic changes
Russification Forcing other peoples to adopt Russian culture
Camillo di Cavour Prime minister of Kingdom of Sardinia in 1852
Giuseppe Garibaldi Leads nationilist who conquer southern Italy
Junkers Conservative walthy landowners- suppport Prussia Wilhelm I
Otto von Bismarck Becomes Prime Minister
Realpolitik Power politics without room for idealism
Kaiser Emperor of a united Germany-at Versailles
Romanticism Interest in nature, preferring emotion, individuality
Realism Art style attempting to depict life accurately
Impressionism Art style that tries to capture precise points in time
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