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BR Bodies of Water

Major Bodies of Water and Their Locations for Varsity Bullet Round Week 8-14-09

Black Sea North of Turkey
Caspian Sea North of Iran
Aral Sea Northwest corner of Uzbekistan
Denmark Strait Between Greenland and Iceland
Hudson Bay Largest inland body of water in Canada
Gulf of California Off Northwest coast of Mexico
Kara Sea East of Barents Sea
Yellow Sea Between China and Korea
Strait of Magellan Southern tip of South America
East Siberian Sea East of Laptev Sea
Mozambique Channel Between Madagascar and Mozambique
English Channel Between England and France
Beaufort Sea North of Alaska
Strait of Gibraltar Between Spain and Morocco
North Sea East of England
Davis Strait Smallest point between Greenland and Canada
South China Sea South of China
East China Sea East of China
Laptev Sea East of Kara Sea
Red Sea Between Saudi Arabia and Africa
Mediterranean Sea Largest body of water between Euro[pe and Africa
Bering Strait Smallest body of water between Russia and Alaska
Suez Canal Northern tip of Red Sea
Sea of Japan Between Japan and Korea
Baltic Sea South of Sweden
Baffin Bay North of Davis Strait
Arabian Sea West of India
Gulf of Finland South of Finland
Palk Strait Smallest body of water between India and Sri Lanka
Gulf of Oman South of Strait of Hormuz
Gulf of Thailand South of Thailand and west of Cambodia
Greenland Sea East of Greenland
Norweigan Sea West of Norway
Labrador Sea Southwest of Greenland
Gulf of Aden Southern tip of Red Sea
Barents Sea North of Finland
Adriatic Sea West of Italy
Aegean Sea Between Greece and Turkey
Strait of Hormuz North of Gulf of Oman
Sea of Okhotsk Off East coast of Russia
Persian Gulf Largest body of water West of Iran
Ionian Sea South of Italy
Tyrrhenian Sea West of Italy
Gulf of Bothnia Between Sweden and Finland
White Sea Northwest corner of Russia
Coral Sea Northeast of Australia
Tasman Sea Southeast of Australia
Created by: maleqr