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Middle East

Review for Unit 9

What is the capital of Morocco? Rabat
What is the capital of Egypt? Cairo
What is the religious city of Israel? Jerusalem
What is the important city in Turkey? Istanbul
What is the religious city in Saudi Arabia? Mecca
What is the richest city in UAE? Dubai
What is the capital of Iraq? Baghdad
What is the capital of Iran? Tehran
What is the famous Christian church in Jerusalem? Church of the Holy Sepulchre
What is the famous mosque in Jerusalem? Dome of the Rock
What is the famous Jewish site in Jerusalem? Western Wall
What is the famous Muslim site in Mecca? Kaaba
What is the famous church in Istanbul? Hagia Sophia
What is the famous cultural sites along the Nile? Pyramids
What river runs through Cairo? Nile
What 2 rivers run around Baghdad? Tigris and Euphrates
What river runs on Jordan's border Jordan
What sea is north of Turkey? Black
What sea is north of Africa? Mediterranean
What sea is east of Egypt? Red
What connects the Med to the Red? Suez Canal
Where do Muslims worship? Mosques
What are the towers that call Muslims to prayer? Minarets
What are Arabian Marketplaces Bazaars and Suqs
WHat mountains run through Morocco and Algeria? Atlas
What mountains run through Turkey? Taurus
What mountains run though Iran? Zagros
Where is the Strait of Gibraltar? Morocco
Where is the Bosporus Strait? Turkey
Where is the Dardanelles Strait? Turkey
Where is the Strait of Hormuz Iran
What countries are on the Arabian Peninsula? Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, UAE, Qatar and Kuwait
What peninsula in within Egypt? Sinai
What water is west of Arabian Peninsula? Red Sea
WHat water is east of Arabian Peninsula? Arabian Gulf or Persian Gulf
What sea does the Persian Gulf empty into? Arabian Sea
What is middle east's most precious resource? Water
What is a wadi? Normally dry strip of land that fills with water during the season
What is a delta? Sediment deposited at the mouth of a river
What is an oasis? Paradise within a desert
What is alluvial soil? Rich fertile soils left behind by the flooding of the Nile
How does religion influence Middle Eastern art? Calligraphy, prayer rugs, mosaics, etc
Who is fighting with Israel over land? Palestinians
What 3 religions are fighting over Jerusalem? Christian, Jewish and Muslim
What does OPEC do? Regulates oil supply and pricing
What is the main religion of the Middle East? Islam
Middle East is the crossroads of what 3 continents? Europe, Asia and Africa
What is the climate of the Sahara Desert? Arid
What is the climate of steppes? Semi-Arid
What creates alluvial soil? Seasonal flooding
What dam in Egypt creates hydroelectricity? Aswan High Dam
What is the negative result of a large dam? Decreased soil fertility
What is the majority religion of Israel? Jewish
What are the 3 non-Arab nations? Turkey, Iran and Israel
What does monotheistic mean? One God
What are the 3 monotheistic religions? Christianity, Judaism and Islam
Which monotheistic religion came first? Judaism
Why was Israel created? New homeland for Jewish survivors?
What city do all 3 monotheistic religions claim? Jerusalem
What political organization do Arab nations belong to? League of Arab States
What 2 Muslim groups are fighting in Middle East? Sunni and Shi'a
What terrorist group was created by the fight between Sunni and Shi'a? ISIS
What are "Guest workers"? People who work temporarily in the Middle East for fast money
What is a "nomad"? People who don't settle in one place, but move around a lot
What negatively impacts tourism in the Middle East? Political unrest and conflict
How did ancient cities protest themselves? Walls
What is the main LEVEL of economic activity in the Middle East? Primary
How do most nations in Middle East make money? Oil
What is "pastoralism"? Raising animals
What is the benefit of selling oil? Money!
What is the negative of selling oil? Conflict
How does the Suez Canal help trade? Makes shipping faster
Created by: MsColeman