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The Study Guide

The study guide for the 2300 final

What causes bronchoconstriction? bronchospasm, mucosal edema, presence of increased secretions
Adrenergic drugs are also called____? sympathomimetic
Sympathomimetic means.. they mimic the sympathetic nervous system which relaxes smooth muscle
Where are Alpha, Beta 1, and Beta 2 receptors located? Alpha: sparsely throughout the blood vessels in the mucus membranes Beta 1: the heart Beta 2: the lungs hint: 1 heart, 2 lungs
What are the two "rescue" drugs? Albuterol and Levalbuterol
List 4 sympathomimetic bronchodilators albuterol, levalbuterol, salmeterol, arformoteral
What is Serevent use for? maintenance therapy for asthma and COPD nocturnal asthma
What is the standard dose albuterol? 5ml of 0.5% solution or 2.5mg
List 3 side effects of albuterol tachycardia, tremors, nervousness
Racemic Epinephrine (Asthmanefrin) causes.. vasoconstriction
How often are Serevent and Brovana administered? Twice daily
List 3 synonyms for anticholinergic drugs parasympatholytic, antimuscarinic, acetocholine blocker
Generic name for Atrovent Ipratropium Bromide
List facts about spiriva anticholinergic, long lasting bronchodilator, tritropium bromide, peak: 3 hrs, onset: 30 min, dosage DPI: 18mcg/ inhalation 1 per day, use: maintenance for COPD
What strenght is mucomyst available in? 10% and 20%
Aside from respiratory needs what else is Acetylcystiene used for? Acetaminophen overdose
Corticosteroids treat? inflammation from asthma attacks
Flovent MDI is available in what strengths? 44mg, 110mg, 220mg
Budesonide is the generic name for? Pulmocort, a corticosteroid
Why do patients need to rinse their mouths after use of a corticosteroids? to prevent thrush
Combivent is? albuterol and ipratropium bromide (atrovent)
Advair doses depend on.. the severity of the disease
Tobramycin is used to treat psuedomonas aeruginosa
Pentamadine (NebuPentI is an.. antiprotozal used prophylactically for pneumocystis pneumonia in AIDs patients. Given every 4 weeks
What order would you give Serevent, Combivent, Flovent? Combivent, Flovent, Serevent
List 3 uses for Racemic Epinephren? Croup, post extubation stridor hemoptysis
Created by: ehairgrove7