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Flavin MAP Final 19

MAP Pharmacology FINAL FACTS FLAVIN 2019

Angled tip of a needle. Bevel
Narrowing of the bronchiole tubes. Bronchoconstriction
Abnormal accumulation of fluid in the interstitial spaces of tissues. Edema
Medication that protect lining of the stomach is called ____. Enteric coated
Drug in pill form manufactured with an indentation for division through the center of the tablet. Scored
Increase in the diameter of a blood vessel. Vasodialation
The quality of being thick: property of resistance to flow in a fluid. Viscosity
A localized are of edema or a raises lesion. *also what your ID leaves* Wheal
Tablet A compressed powder that dissolves quickly when swallowed or even in the mouth.
Capsule A gelatin coated medication that can dissolve in the stomach, or if enteric coated in the intestines.
A solid, oblong uncoated tablet. Caplet
Buccal cheek
Sublingual under the tongue
Lotion applied to skin
Ointment ____ is a semisolid medications containing bases such as petrolatum and lanolin.
Transdermal Absorbed slowly through the skin. Use caution with heating pads.
What are the 7 rights? To the side on your paper please list the 7 rights.
An ampule is: A single dose glass vial that you must break the top off of to gain access to the medication.
When you open a medication you need to: Write the date opened and your initials
Before you go into a medication vial you must do what? Clean the rubber stopper with alcohol.
The bigger the # the smaller the diameter of the _____. needle
Before using a needle you should have what in front of you to dispose of it? sharps container
The ___ is the hole in the needle in which the medication travels. lumen
Never ever ______ a needle. Recap
If you must recap you should use ____ technique. One handed scoop
The safety device should be ____ to prevent the needle being used again and to cut down on needle sticks. activated
__ injections go just under the surface of the skin. ID
IM Injection that goes into the muscle.
25 Gauge and 27 Gauge needles are used to deliver what type of injections? TB, allergy, epinephrine
An allergic reaction that can be life threatening. Anaphalactic shock
___ is the term used to describe any medication that is injected. Parenteral
What injection is deposited at a 45 degree angle and into the fatty layer? Subcutaneous
_____ should be verified at every OV and prior to q Inj. This would mean there are none. NKDA
Luer-Lok syringe means that it does what? screws on
STAT means? NOW
An IM injection would go into what muscle in the upper arm? Deltoid
What can cause bruising or bleeding at the inj. site? Probing or moving the needle.
If a pt is taking an abx is it normal to have GI upset? Yes
two times a day bid
qd ever day
npo nothing by mouth
NKDA There are no known drug allergies.
Always log and document what information from your vial. Lot # & Expiration date.
If a pt is pre op and npo, can they have water before surgery? No
What type of injection is give if you need to administer 3 ml of a viscous medication? Z track
Created by: Iteach4Docs



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