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Vocab Workshop H8

Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 8

aberration n. a departure from normal
ad hoc adj. improvised, for a specific purpose adv. with respect to this
bane n. the source or cause of ruin
bathos n. the lowest phase, an anticlimax
cantankerous adj. ill-tempered
casuistry n. the determination of right and wrong in conduct or conscience
de facto adj. in effect, but not required adv. in reality
depredation n. the act of preying upon or plundering
empathy n. a sympathetic understanding with the ideas of someone else
harbinger n. a forerunner v. to herald the approach of
hedonism n. pleasure is the point of life (Epicurian philosophy)
lackluster adj. lacking brilliance
malcontent adj. discontented with defiance of prevailing conditions n. such a person
mellifluous adj. flowing sweetly or smoothly
nepotism n. undue favoritism to one's relatives
pander v. to cater to the low tastes of others n. a person who does this
peccadillo n. a minor sin or offense
pièce de résistance n. the principal dish of a meal
remand v. to send or order back
syndrome n. a group of symptoms
Created by: Bomoono