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Geog of Midwest

prarie an area of flat or rolling land covered mostly with grasses and wildflowers
tornado funnel shaped windstorm
drought long period of no rain
ore rock that has one or more kinds of minerals
flowchart diagram that shows the steps in a process
adapt change their ways to survive in the new environment
survey measure
township land divided into squares
ordinance set of laws
frontier land beyond settlement
pioneer person who first settles in a place
self-sufficient has to do almost everything themself
sod layer of soil held together by roots and grasses
historical map shows information about a place at a certain time in history
flatboats large rafts made of boards tied together`
migration movement of people from one place to another
steamboat boat powered by a steam engine
entrepreneurs people who start businesses
stockyard a place where livestock is bought and sold
assembly line a line of workers along which a product moves as it is put togehter
mass production a product is made more quickly and cheaply by using machines
industrial economy most goods are made by machines
Which process formed the Great lakes thousands of years ago? the moving and melting of glaciers
What mineral is plentiful in the Midwest region? iron ore
What was one way the Sioux adapted to living on the Great Plains? they moved from place to place following the buffalo
What did the early settlers of the Great Plains use to build their homes? sod
Why were railroads important to the growth of the Great Plains? They provided a quicker way for settlers to reach the Midwest
Which Midwest city connected ten major railroad lines in the mid-1800s? Chicago, Illinois
Which inventor helped set up an assembly line in Detroit? Henry Ford
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