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justin 10 codes

radio 10 codes

10-1 receiving poorly
10-2 receiving well
10-3 disregard last information
10-4 acknowledge,received
10-5 lookout
10-6 temporarily busy
10-7 out of service at:
10-8 in service at:
10-9 repeat last transmission
10-10 emergency assistance needed at:
10-12 visitors/officials present
10-13 unit in route to:
10-14 establish traffic check point
10-15 aliens in custody
10-16 pick up aliens in custody at:
10-18 anything for unit/officer(security check)
10-19 no traffic/security check reply
10-20 what is your location
10-21 advise officer to telephone
10-22 advise officer to reort to
10-23 restrict normal communications
10-24 resume normal communications
10-25 this code followed by "may day" indicates serious difficulties being experienced by sender. immediate assistance required
10-26 vehicle stop by single agent
10-28 vehicle registration check
10-29 check stolen/wanted vehicle
10-30 person in custody speaks english
10-31 engaging in pursuit (notify supervisor)
10-32 vehicle stop - more than one agent
10-33 alert - dangerous person
10-35 false document check
10-36 smuggler check - OASIS
10-37 observing traffic at:
10-38 checkpoint will be closed
10-39 your record check positive
10-40 no record on subject
10-41 unit on duty, in service at:
10-42 unit off duty
10-43 switching channels
10-45 apprehended smuggling case
10-46 apprehended narcotic case
10-50 immigration checkC: co checkN: non-immigrant checkS: studentL: laps (history on pending application)
10-51 wants/warrants on person
10-52 criminal history check
10-53 firearms check
10-57 drivers license check
10-60 sensor
10-72 TECS lane check
10-88 operate in coded mode
10-89 operate in clear mode
10-91 out of radio contact - still in service
10-92 back in radio contact
10-97 begin female escort from: to: mi:
10-98 end female escort at: mi:
10-99 officer down at: all units respond
10-100 place border patrol emergency plan into effect - call all emergency personnel
10-101 bomb threat
Created by: justinogle
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