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Unit 3 Voc

Unit 3

1.barrage (n)a rapid, large-scale outpouring of somethingI faced a barrage of questions as I read my story S:bombardment, shelling, volley, blast
2.bigot (n)a intolerant, prejudiced, or biased person That man is such a bigot because he thinks girls shouldn't play golf. S:racist
3.designate (v)to indicate, point out; to appoint;(adj)selected but not yet installed The coach will pick our designate for team captian tomarrow. S:(v)name,signify,denote,nominate,choose
4.diversity (n)difference, variety; a condition of having many different types or forms Football games have a diversity of people their sometimes. S:dissimilarity A:simularity,sameness,unformity
5.enigma (n)someone or somthing that is extreamly puzzling;that cannot be undersood or explained This puzzle is a enigma because of the many pieces. S:riddle,mystrey,puzzle,conundrum
6.gloat (v)to look at or think about with great intensity and satisfaction;to take great personal joy in It is not good to gloat if you win or accomplish something big. S:relish,revel in,crow over A:regret,bemoan,mourn,feel chagrined
7.globel (adj)of relating to, or involving the entire world;comprehensive Globel warming is a big globel problem. S:worldwide,univeral,widespread A:local,regional,provincial
8.illusion (n)a false idea;something that one seems to see or to be aware of something that doesn't exist That magic trick was just an optical illusion. S:delusion,fantasy,deception A:reality,truth,actuality
9.infuriate (v)to make very angry,enrage People get very infuriated while driving. S:provoke,incense,madden A:calm,soothe,pacify,please
10.motivate (v)to provide with a reason for doing;to push on to some goal or course of action The teacher motivated me because I got a bad grade on a test. S:spur on,encourge,prompt,goad A;discourage,dissuade,disincline
11.pacifist (n)one who is against war or violence:(adj)opposing war or violence The majority of Americans are pacifists.S:(n)peacemaker,dove A:(n)warmonger
12.queue (n)a line of people waiting for something(such as a bus or the opening of a store);(v)to form such a line Their was a big queue because everyone was waiting for the comming of the Wii.S:(n)column,file,row,line A:(n)disorganized crowd
13.restrict (v)to keep within set limits;confine The caution tape is to restrict people of going in that area. S:hold back,limit A:open up,enlarge,expand
14.sage (adj)wise;(n)a very wise person Mrs.Burk is a wise sage when it comes to questions. S:(adj)sagacious;(n)philosopher,Solomon A:(adj)foolish,unwise;(n)fool,dunce
15.slake (v)to satisfy,relieve,or bring to an end Nothing can slake our supply of water. S:quench,gratify,sate,ease,asssuage A:increase,intensify,aggravate
16.terrain (n)the landscape,,especially considered with regard to its physical features or fitness for some use;a field of knowledge The terrain of a desert is very dry. S:ground,topograpy,territory
17.vocation (n)any trade,profession, or occupation;a sense of fitness or special calling for one's work
18.vow (n)a solemn or sacred promise or pledge;(v)to declare or promise in a solemn way When you get married you take many vows. S:word of honor;(v)pledge
19.waylay (v)to lie in wait for and attack,ambush Thugs waylay somewhere untill you leave. S:entrap,ensnare
20.wither (v)to dry up,wilt,sag;to cause someone to feel ashamed,humiliated,or very small The plant withered because of lack of water. S:shrivel,droop,shame,abash A:bloom,flower,flourish,burgeon
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