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Chapter 2


Certain animals survive only if they live and feed inside another animal or are attached to an animal's outer surface. These animals are called ? PARASITES
Which organisms are mostly important for adding nutrients to the soil? DECOMPOSERS
Phytoplankton-Krill-small fish- large fish What is the role of the krill in this food chain CONSUMER
A new organism has been discovered in an isolated forest area. This new organism is multicellular and receives nutrients from dead trees. How would this organism be classified? DECOMPOSER
In an energy pyramid, only 10% of the available energy is transferred from one level of the pyramid to the next. If the Sun provides 1,000 kilocalories of energy to the sunflower, how much of the energy is available for the wolf? sunflower-rabbit-wolf 10 KCALS
In an ecosystem, what would be affected the most if the sun were to stop shining? ANY PLANTS
A coniferous forest biome has long, cold, snowy winters. It contains pine and spruce trees, elk, moose, and gray wolves. Which factor is an abiotic element of this biome? SNOW
What does a population consist of ? MULTIPLES OF THE SAME SPECIES
What does a community consist of ? DIFFERENT POPULATIONS
What does an ecosystem consist of? COMMUNITY AND THE ABIOTIC ELEMENTS
How do animals use physical adaptations to warn off predators? THEY CAN HAVE BRIGHT COLORS AS A WARNING, THEY CAN USE CAMOUFLAGE
How do animals use behavioral adaptions to warn off predators? THEY CAN PLAY DEAD, HIBERNATION, BIRDS MIGRATE.
Leeches usually live in freshwater ecosystems. Leeches feed on the blood of other animals, such as fish. The leeches do not kill the fish, but the fish are weakened by the leeches. Which symbiotic relationship does this describe? PARASITISM
Rain washes pesticides into a river. How would the pesticides most likely end up in the tissues of a fish-eating osprey? THE OSPREY WOULD CONSUME ORGANISMS THAT HAD INGESTED THE CONTAMINANTS.
Carrying Capacity the largest population that an environment can support at any given time.
Carnivore an organism that eats animals
Symbiosis a relationship in which two organisms interact with one another
Prey an organism that is killed and eaten by another organism
Herbivore an organism that eats only plants.
Mutualism a relationship between 2 species in which both are benefited.
Omnivore an organism that eats both plants and animals
Predator an organism that eats all or part of another organism.
Energy Pyramid a triangular diagram that shows an ecosystem's loss of energy which results as energy passes through the ecosystem's food chain.
Food Chain the pathway of energy transfer through various stages as a result of the feeding patterns of a series of organisms.
Food web a diagram that shows the feeding relationships between organisms in an ecosystem.
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