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Japanese Terms

Mae Geri 1 Front Kick
X Block - High Aigi Juji Uke 39
Gyaku Tsuki 2 Reverse Punch
Straight Punch Oy Tsuki 3
Gedan Juji Uke 38 X Block - low
Tettusi 37 Hammer Fist Strike
Mawashi Geri 4 Roundhouse Kick
Side Kick Yoko Geri 5
Spear-hand Strike Nukite 36
Uraken 6 Backfist Strike
Chudan Empi Uchi 35 Horizontal Elbow Strike
Switch Feet Ashi Nokaken 7
Vertical Elbow Strike Aigi Empi Uchi 34
Shuto (Uchi) 8 Knife-hand Strike
Knee Strike Hiza Geri 33
Aigi Tsuki 9 Upper Jab
Barai Uke 32 Circle Block
Double Knife-hand Strike Maiten Shuto Uchi 10
Teisho Uchi 11 Heel Palm Strike
Push Block Osae Uke 31
Tate Tsuki 12 Vertical Punch
Ox Jaw Strike Haito Tsuki 30
Rising Block Aigi Uke 13
Ridge Hand Strike Haito (Uchi) 29
Maiten Ushiro Geri 28 Spin Back Kick
Middle Block Chudan Uke 14
Kaiten Mawashi Geri 27 Spinning Wheel Kick
Gedan Barai 15 Downward Block
Tobi Yoko Geri 26 Skip Side Kick
Outside Forearm Block Soto Ude Uke 16
Ren Uke 17 Four Blocks
Skip Roundhouse Kick Tobi Mawashi Geri 25
Knife-hand Block Shuto Uke 18
Jump Front Kick Tobi Mae Geri 24
Ashi Barai 19 Sweep
Uchi Mikazuki Geri 23 Reverse Crescent Kick
Ura Mawashi Geri 20 Hook Kick
Back Kick Ushiro Geri 21
Mikazuki Geri 22 Crescent Kick
Created by: Goose615