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Italian verbs: -are

Italian verbs ending in "are"

to send mandare; inviare
to leave (something behind) lasciare
to chat chiacchierare
to travel viaggiare
to buy comprare
to wash lavare
to study studiare
to count contare
to visit visitare
to remember ricordare
to phone (someone); to call (someone) telefonare (a qualcuno)
to love amare
to dance ballare
to start; to begin cominciare (a); incominciare (a)
to arrive arrivare
to notice notare
to introduce; to present presentare
to wait (no preposition) aspettare
to invite invitare
to live (in a place) abitare
to teach insegnare (a)
to attend frequentare
to look (at) (no preposition) guardare
to marry sposare
to play... ...ball ...chess ...checkers giocare... ...al pallone ...a scacchi ...a dama
to make a mistake (to err) sbagliare
to have lunch pranzare
to quarrel litigare
to enter entrare
to fly volare
to talk (to/about) parlare (a/di)
to fish pescare
to think (about) pensare (a/di)
to taste gustare
to make/prepare... ...lunch preparare... ...il pranzo
to learn imparare (a)
to eat mangiare
to sing cantare
to find trovare
to explain spiegare
to change cambiare
to drive guidare
to give a gift regalare
to swim nuotare
to rest riposare
to cut tagliare
to turn girare
to slow down rallentare
to look for cercare
to narrate raccontare
to ski sciare
to show mostrare
to have supper cenare
to carry; to wear portare
to forget dimenticare
to play... ...music ...an instrument ...the cello suonare... ...la musica ...uno strumento ...il violoncello
to desire desiderare
to walk camminare
to jump saltare
to kick calciare
to try provare
to return (to) tornare (a); ritornare (a)
to meet incontrare
to stop; to close fermare
to pay pagare
to collect collezionare
to ask domandare
to help aiutare
to set the table apparecchiare
to clear the table sparecchiare
to save (something for later) risparmiare
to work lavorare
to look for cercare
to call chiamare
continuare to continue
to cost costare
to cook cucinare
to draw disegnare
to celebrate festeggiare
to earn guadagnare
to leave something behind/ someone behind lasciare
to order ordinare
to pass, to spend time passare
to practice praticare
to dream sognare
to hope sperare
to use usare
to listen to (no preposition) ascoltare
to go andare
to wish (somebody) augurare
to spend time passare
to remain restare
to greet, to say goodbye salutare
to improve migliorare
to participate partecipare
to smoke fumare
to introduce presentare
to admire ammirare
to become diventare
to enter entrare
to interview intervistare
to argue, to quarrel litigare
to steal, to rob rubare
to come back to Ripassare
to risk rischiare
will risk rischierĂ 
to announce annunciare
to say hello salutare
to seal suggellare
to exchange scambiare
to swear giurare
to place, to sell piazzare
to arrest arrestare
to perpetuate perpetuare
to unhook, to fork over sganciare
to fire sparare
to fire, to dissmiss licenziare
to reserve prenotare
to confirm confermare
to cancel annullare
to become diventare
to limit limitare
to touch sfiorare
to unhook or fork over sganciare
to seal (a deal) suggellare
to deliver consegnare
to bump into urtare
to question, to interrogate interrogare
to forget scordare
to risk rischiare
to save salvare
to connect collegare
to initiate, to begin iniziare
to validate convalidare
to thank ringraziare
to organize organizzare
to accomodate alloggiare
to stay soggiornare
to bore annoiare
to reserve prenotare
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