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Abutments supports at the end of an arch bridge that carry the load and keep the ends from speeding out.
Spandrels vertical supports of an arch bridge used to distribute the weight of the roadway to the arch bellow.
Anchorages securing devices that are embedded in the solid rock or massive concrete blocks that spreed cables over a large area to evenly distributed the load and prevent the cables from breaking free.
Span the distance between 2 bridge support
Compression a force that acts to compress or shorten the thing it is acting on
Tension a force that acts to expand or lengthen the thing it is acting on
Buckling what happens when the force of compression overcomes an object's ability to handle compression
Snapping what happens when tension overcomes on abject's ability to handle tanssion
Dissipate to speed force over a greater area so that no one spot has to bear the brunt of the concentrated force
Transfer to move force from on area of weakness to an area of strenght
Truss supporting lattice work added to create very tall beams that add rigidity to an existing beam greatly increasing its ability to dissipate the compression and teansion
Torsion a rotational or twisting force
Deck-stiffening trusses a supporting truss beneath the bridge deck
Resonance a fatal to a bridge that is vibration caused by an extended force that sis on harmony with the natural vibration of the original thing. Resonance vibrations travel through a bridge in waves
Dampeners a technique used to interrupt the resonate waves
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