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GeoBee Gr345 Next 100

Booker T. Washington National Monument preserves the farm where this educator was born into slavery. It is located southeast of Roanoke in which state? Virginia
Grand Portage National Monument, once an important fur-trading center, is located near both the Ontario border and Lake Superior in which present-day U.S. state? Minnesota
Timpanogos (tim-puh-NO-guhs) Cave National Monument, containing many colorful mineral formations, is a cave system located in the Wasatch (WAH-sach) Range of which state? Utah
A well-preserved fossil bed from roughly 40 million years ago can be found at John Day Fossil Beds National Monument located near the city of Bend in which state? Oregon
Prehistoric mounds constructed in the shapes of mammals and birds can be found in Effigy Mounds National Monument, located northeast of Cedar Falls in which state? Iowa
George Washington Carver's boyhood home is preserved in the national monument bearing his name, located near Joplin in the southwestern part of which state? Missouri
Castle Clinton National Monument, a historic fort and now the ticketing office for ferries to Ellis Island, is located in Battery Park in which state? New York
Markers honoring both Native American warriors and members of the U.S. Army can be found at Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, located near Billings in which state? Montana
Ancient tribes mined flint to make tools at what is now Alibates (ah-leh-BAH-tays) Flint Quarries National Monument, located north of Amarillo in which state? Texas
Russell Cave National Monument protects a cave system that has evidence of human habitation beginning nearly 10,000 years ago. This monument is located northeast of Birmingham and near the Tennessee River in which southern state? Alabama
The city of Tuskegee is southeast of Lake Martin in what state that borders Georgia? Alabama
Manassas and Fredericksburg are Civil War battle sites in what state? Virginia
A state known for its Cajun culture includes the towns of Lake Charles and Lafayette. Name this state. Louisiana
Kilauea (kee-lau-WAY-ah), an active volcano, is near the coast in southeastern part of what state? Hawaii
Padre Island National Seashore lies on the barrier island south of Corpus Christi in what state? Texas
Santa Monica Pier, the official western end of Route 66, is in what state? California
Buzzards Bay and Nantucket Sound border what state? Massachusetts
Sioux City and the city of Council Bluffs are close to Nebraska in what neighboring state? Iowa
Gray wolves were once wiped out from Yellowstone National Park, but they have made a comeback in recent years because of conservation efforts. Yellowstone National Park is located in Wyoming, Montana, and which other state? Idaho
In the popular Harry Potter book series by J.K. Rowling, Harry catches the train to Hogwarts at the Kings Cross station in what major European city? London
Earth's coldest place, with an annual average temperature of -94 degrees Fahrenheit, is located at Ridge A on which continent? Antarctica
The Sydney Opera House, with its distinctive roof resembling the sails of a ship, is a landmark in which country? Australia
The St. Lawrence River flows out of the easternmost of the Great Lakes. Name this lake. Lake Ontario
What berries are harvested from flooded bogs in some parts of the northern United States and Canada? cranberries
The classic film The Wizard of Oz features a young girl named Dorothy who experiences a powerful tornado in her home state where Topeka is the capital. In this story, Dorothy lives in which state located north of Oklahoma? Kansas
Which state is bordered by Lake Erie and Kentucky? Ohio
The Great Salt Lake is located in which state that borders Idaho? Utah
Corpus Christi and Houston are cities in which state that borders Oklahoma? Texas
Which state that borders Connecticut is the smallest state in the United States? Rhode Island
Which state is bordered by Lake Superior and North Dakota? Minnesota
The Yukon River flows through which state that borders Canada? Alaska
Syracuse and Buffalo are cities in which state that borders Pennsylvania? New York
Which state includes the Pacific Islands of Oahu and Maui? Hawaii
Stonehenge, an ancient group of standing stones is located near Salisbury, in what country? United Kingdom (Scotland)
Name the desert that covers much of the area between Los Angeles and Death Valley in Southern California. Mojave Desert
What is another term used for lines of longitude? meridians
What is the name of the channel between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans that separates South America's mainland from Tierra del Fuego? Strait of Magellan
The Edwards Plateau, Brazos River, and Padre Island are all physical feature found in which U.S. state? Texas
To which state would you travel to visit Gettysburg and also watch the Pirates play baseball in Pittsburgh? Pennsylvania
To visit a desert museum in Tucson (TOOH-sahn) or hike the red rocks of Sedona, you would travel to which state - Arizona or Utah? Arizona
Which state would you visit to ride the Ferris wheel on Navy Pier and see President Abraham Lincoln's home in Springfield? Illinois
To stroll the San Antonio River Walk or watch the Cowboys play football near Dallas, you would travel to which state - Montana or Texas? Texas
Which state would you visit to swim in the Lake of the Ozarks and climb the Gateway Arch in St. Louis? Missouri
To which state would you travel to visit historic Mount Vernon and explore the caverns in the Shenandoah Valley - Rhode Island or Virginia? Virginia
To visit Jackson Hole and climb Devils Tower, you would travel to which state? Wyoming
To visit Seneca Falls in the Allegheny Mountains and tour a restored coal mine in Beckley, you would travel to which state - West Virginia or Iowa? West Virginia
If you wanted to visit Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument and go sailing on Puget Sound, you would travel to which state? Washington
The city of Nashville, located on the Cumberland River, is home to the Grand Ole Opry in which state state - Tennessee or Kentucky? Tennessee
Some of the world's tallest mountains are located in which Asian country - Israel or Nepal? Nepal
What is the largest island by area in the Caribbean Sea - Cuba or Jamaica? Cuba
Visitors to Channel Islands National Park in California can take a boat tour to see which animal - penguin or gray whale? gray whale
Visitors to Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota can ike through what kids of vegetation - spruce trees or cacti? spruce trees
Which animal roams the high mountain meadows of Olympic National Park in Washington - elk or jaguar? elk
At dusk in summer, visitors to Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico can watch thousands of which animal fly from the cave - cardinals or bats? bats
Which climate type is found in Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska - subarctic or tropical wet? subarctic
Visitors to Biscayne National Park in Florida can go fishing and lobstering along the shore of which kids of habitat - mangrove or desert? mangrove
Which animal roams the slopes of Lassen Volcanic National Park in California - black bear or polar bear? black bear
The tide pools at Acadia National Park in Maine are home to which animal - sea star or giant squid? sea star
Yellowstone National Park in the western United States is home to the world's largest collection of which geothermal feature - geyser or glacier? geyser
Visitors to Congaree (KAHN-guh-ree) National Park in South Carolina can paddle a canoe past which kind of vegetation - arctic moss or bald cypress? bald cypress
In France, ketchup is banned in elementary schools. It's weird but true! France is located on which continent that borders the Bay of Biscay? Europe
In Singapore, chewing gum is only available with a prescription. It's weird but true! Singapore is part of which continent that is crossed by the Mekong River? Asia
A koala sleeps for 22 hours a day. It's weird but true! Koalas live in the states of Queensland and New South Wales on which continent? Australia
In Morocco, goats climb trees to get their favorite fruit. It's weird but true! Morocco is located on which continent that includes the Atlas Mountains? Africa
Of all the new cars sold in Brazil, 90 percent use fuel made from sugarcane. It's weird but true! Brazil is located on which continent that borders the Caribbean Sea? South America
The numbers we write with today were invented in India 2,000 years ago. It's weird but true! India is located on which continent that borders the Arabian Sea? Asia
More earthquakes occur in Alaska than in any other U.S. state. It's weird but true! Alaska is located on which continent that borders Hudson Bay? North America
Elephants can swim for up to six hours without resting. It's weird but true! Elephants can be found in Tanzania and Zambia on which continent? Africa
You can ride a Ferris wheel underground in Romania. It's weird but true! Romania is located on which continent that is crossed by the Danube River? Europe
Surgeons sometimes use sea coral to replace human bone. It's weird but true! The world's largest coral reef system, the Great Barrier Reef, is located off the coast of which continent? Australia
Which continent, that is second largest with 54 countries, is home to over 1 billion people who speak over 1,500 languages? Africa
Which continent, with 47 countries and over 4 billion people, is the largest in the world in size and population? Asia
Which continent is home to both the highest point on Earth - Mount Everest, and the lowest point on Earth - the Dead Sea? Asia
Which continent has a population that is greater than the population of all the other continents combined? Asia
Which continent is the smallest continent but also the largest island in the world? Australia
Which continent is renowned for its pioneering inventions including Black Boxes, penicillin, smoke alarms, and aspirin? Australia
Which continent is most centrally located on the planet with both the prime meridian and equator cutting across it? Africa
Which continent, with 45 countries, is second smallest in land area but third largest in population? Europe
Which continent is home to both the largest country and the smallest country in the world? Europe
Which continent is also called Frangistan in some languages? Europe
Which continent has 23 countries and is bordered by the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic oceans? North America
Which continent is the only continent in the world that has all climatic types - savanna and tropical rainforest, tundra, and semi-arid and desert conditions near areas surrounded by high mountains? North America
Which continent, with only 12 countries, is home to an estimated 40% of the world's plant and animal species? South America
On which continent can you find the world's highest, uninterrupted waterfall, Angel Falls? South America
On which continent can you find the driest place in the world - the Atacama Desert where some parts have not received a drop of rain since scientists started keeping records? South America
On which continent can you find the longest mountain range in the world? South America
What is the longest mountain range in the world? The Andes Mountains
Which river has the largest water volume of any river in the world, with more water than the next seven largest rivers combined? Amazon River
At 2.7 million square miles, an area that can fit about 40 USAs, what is the largest natural rainforest in the world? Amazon Forest
Which continent gets its name from the Greek word which means “opposite to the north”? Antarctica
Which continent is neighbored on all sides by the Southern Ocean? Antarctica
Which continent is coveted for its meteorites? Antarctica
Which continent is the driest, highest, and most windy of any other? Antarctica
Which continent has areas that are so comparable to those on the planet of Mars that NASA used these areas to test equipment for space missions? Antarctica
What is the term for a part of an ocean or sea that cuts far into the bordering landmass and may contain one or more bays? gulf
Which state has a climate suitable for growing citrus fruits—California or Maine? California
Which Western Hemisphere country leads the world in milk and butter production? United States
Near which pole can you find the Beaufort Sea? North Pole
In which state in the United States will you find the largest variation in temperature? California
The oldest public park in the United States is located in which New England capital city? Boston
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