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Drivers ed 3&5review

Chapter 3&5 review.

Why do you approach your vehicle from the front? To see oncoming traffic and reduce the risk of being hit.
How do you adjust your safety belt? Adjust it across your hips and shoulder not too tight but tight enough
What are hazard flasher control lights? This makes the rear turn signals flash on and off at the same time to let others know that there is car trouble.
How far should you be from the steering wheel? You must be 10 inches away from the steering wheel.
What is the Temperature gauge? This warns you when the coolant in the is too hot.
What is the alternator gauge? This light lets you know your vehicles electrical system is in trouble.
What is the parking break? The Parking keeps the vehicle in place when it's parked.
Where do most collisions most often occur? Most collisions occur less then 25 miles away from their home.
How should you adjust your head restraint? The head restraint should placed in the middle of your head.
What is the child passenger protection act? This act makes young children be in a proper car restraint.
Under what age should a child be In the backseat? A child should be in the backseat under the age of 13.
What is force of impact? The force with which a moving object hits another object.
What is crashworthiness? This is how well the vehicle protects the people in it.
How do you use a turn signal lever? You flip it up to turn the right signal on and down to turn left.
How do you do an inside check? You lock all doors and Then adjust everything.
How do you do an outside check? Walk around the vehicle ,glance at the tires, notice the way the wheels are turned, make sure windows and lights are cleaned well, check back edge for objects, then look inside for unwanted passengers.
How do you enter a vehicle? Have keys in your hand, walk around the vehicle towards the back, get in quickly and close the door.
How does kinetic energy affect breaking and turning? If you are going at a fast speed it will take you a long time to come to a complete stop.
What is tread? The grooved surface of a tire that grips the road is tread.
What is traction? Friction or gripping power between the tires and the the roadway surface.
What is hydroplaning? Occurs when tires lose road contact by rising on top of water.
What is stopping distance The distance your car travels while you make a stop.
How do you check tread? Put a penny in it to see if you can see lincolns head.
Created by: Khenede
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