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Pharm chapter 7

what are the routes of drug administration Enteral, Parental, and Percutaneous
percutaneous administration absorbs through skin or mucous membranes
absorption is influenced by? drug concentration, how long med is in contact with skin, the size of affected area, thickness of skin, hydration of tissue and degree of skin disruption
creams are? semisolid emulsions that contain medicinal agents for external application, non greasy and can be removed with water
Lotions aqueous (water-based) preparations that contain suspended materials
Ointments are semisolid preparations of medicinal substances in an oily base, such as lanolin or petrolatum
what are hydrogel dressings used on? partial-thickness and full-thickness wounds and on skin that has been damaged by burns
Patch testing is a method that is used to identify a patients sensitivity to contact material (allergies)
Wheal redness and swelling, which indicates an allergy to the specific allergen
what sites are used for patch testing the back, arms, or thighs
Nitroglycerin ointment (Nitro-Bid) provides relief of anginal pain for several hours longer than sublingual preparations.
Transdermal patch provides for the controlled release of a prescribed medication through a semipermeable membrane for several hours to 3 weeks when applied to intact skin.
Powders finely ground particles of medication that are contained in a talc base. they generally produce a cooling, drying, or protective effect where applied
Sublingual tablets are designed to be placed under the tongue for dissolution and absorption through the vast network of vessels in the area
Buccal tablets are held between the cheek and lower molar teeth
What are the advantages of sublingual and buccal? rapid absorption and onset of action, the drug passes directly into the systemic circulation, with no immediate pass through to the liver
Ophthalmic medications for use in the eye
where on the eye is the medicine placed the conjunctival sac
eardrops are a solution that contains a dedication that is used for the treatment of localized infection or inflammation of the ear
Otic the ear
how are ear drops administered to children under the age of 3 earlobe is pulled downward and back
how are ear drops administered to adults and children over the age of 3 earlobe is pulled upward and back
Aerosols use a flow of air or oxygen under pressure to disperse the drug throughout the respiratory tract
what should not be applied to the respiratory mucosa Oily preparations, because the oil droplets may be carried to the lungs and cause lipid pneumonia
vaginal medications come in the form of creams, foams, and jellies
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