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Chp 11- Personality

Theories on personalities and important people that developed them

What are some criticisms on Freuds theory of personality? In what ways has Frued had an impact on Western culture? Not many people believed that their personalities were set in stone by the age of 5. He contributed to the identification process, where children's superego gains strength as they take on many of their parent's values
Given the description of an individuals personality, state how each perspective would explain how that personality trait developed Freud; look at the unconscious Rogers and Maslow- would look at the conscious
What is a trait? A characteristiv pattern of bahvior or a tendency to feel and act in a certain way, as assessed by self-reports on a personality test.
What is the difference betwen the projective and self report inventory personality tests? What would a psychology choose to administer one versus the other? The projective tests bring out your inner feelings, self report have you answer questions about your personality. It depends on how unique they want the answer to be.
What is the definition of personality? Our characteristic ways of thinking, feeling and acting
What is the Big Five Trait Theory? CANOE; Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, Neuroticism, Openess, Extraversion
What is the psychodynamic perspective? Who is related to it? Sigmund Freud- Proposed the childhood sexuality and unconscious motivation influence personality.
What are the levels of awareness? Preconscious, conscious and unconscious
What is the ID? Seeks immediate gratification, doesn't think about consequences
What is the EGO? Ego works on the reality principle, tries to satisfy the ids impulses in a realistic way
What is the SUPEREGO? The superego forces the ego to focus on the real and ideal,
What are the stages of development? Oral, Anal, Phallic, Latency, Genital
What is the Oedipal Complex? A boys sexual desire towards his mother and feelings of jealousy and hatred towards his father.
What stage does the Oedipal Complex happen? The Phallic stage
What is fixation? A unresolved issue in any stage may cause a problem in adulthood.
What is the oral stage of development? Pleasure center is in the mouth, sucking and biting
What is the anal stage of development? Focusses on bowel and bladder elimination
What is the phallic stage of development? Pleasure zone is in genitals
What is the latency stage of development? Dormant sexual feelings
What is the genital stage of development? Maturation of sexual interests
What is the social-congnitive perspective? how our individual traits and thoughts interact with our social world as we move from one situation to another
What is Reciprocal Determinism? How our personal traits interact with our environment to influence our behavior
What is the Humanistic approach? focusses on our inner capactities for growth and self-fulfillment. People are basically good
What is Self-Concept? All of the thoughts and feelings we have in reponse to the question "Who am I?"
What is Incongruence? Torn between the real and ideal perspectives of ourselves
What is Unconditional Positive Regard? Total acceptance, value the person even knowing the persons failings
What is Self-Actualization? the psychological need that arises after basic physical and psychological needs are met.
What is a projective test? What is one example? Test that shows inner feelings, Rorschach inkblot test
What is a self-report test? Long set of questions covering a wide range of feelings and behaviors.
What is Sigmund Freuds theory on personality? What theory on personality did he develop? The our personality is set in stone by the age of 5 (Psychoanalytic perspective)
What is Carl Rogers perspective on personality? What perspective does he believe? Person-centered perspective, people are basically good. Can reach their full potential in a good enviornment (Humanistic Perspective )
What does Abraham Maslow believe in? What did he create? The self-actualizing person, created the hiearchy of needs
Created by: ssteinberg