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HVAC 1000-01 quiz 2


Clearance Volume The volume at the top of the stroke in a reciprocating compressor cylinder between the top of the piston and the valve plate
Back Pressure The pressure on the low-pressure side of a refrigeration system (also known as suction pressure)
Gasket A thin piece of flexible material used between two metal plates to prevent leakage
Discus Valve A reciprocating compressor valve design with a low clearance volume and larger bore
External Drive An external type of compressor motor drive, as opposed to a hermetic compressor
Cooling Tower The final device in many water-cooled systems, which rejects heat from the system into the atmosphere by evaporation of water
Compressor A vapor pump that pumps vapor (refrigerant or air) from one pressure level to a higher pressure level
Accumulator A storage tank located in the suction line of a compressor. It allows small amounts of liquid refrigerant to boil away before entering the compressor.
Evaporator The component in a refrigeration system that absorbs heat into the system and evaporates the liquid refrigerant
End Bell The end structure of an electric motor that normally contains the bearings and lubrication system
Liquid Line A term applied in the industry to refer to the tubing or piping from the condenser to the expansion device
Condensing Unit A complete unit that includes the compressor and the condensing coil
Charge The quantity of refrigerant in a system.
Crankshaft Seal Same as the compressor shaft seal.
Flooding The term applied to refrigeration system when the liquid refrigerant reaches the compressor
Drier A device used in a refrigerant line to remove moisture
High Side A term used to indicate the high-pressure or condensing side of the refrigeration system
Condenser The component in a refrigeration system that transfers heat from the system by condensing refrigerant
Desiccant Substance in a refrigeration system drier that collects moisture
Centrifugal Compressor A compressor used for large refrigeration systems that uses centrifugal force to accomplish compression. It is not positive displacement, but it is similar to a blower
Air Heat Exchanger A device used to exchange heat between air and another medium at different temperature levels, such as air-to-air, air-to-water, air-to-refrigerant
Eccentric An off-center device that rotates in a circle around a shaft
Head Another term for pressure, usually referring to gas or liquid
Gauge Manifold A tool that may have more than one gauge with valve arrangement to control fluid flow.
Contaminant Any substance in a refrigeration system that is foreign to the system, particularly if it causes damage
Created by: toolegit
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