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mod 5 drug

mod 5 drug final study guide name brand and generic

name brandgeneric
Prozac, Sarafem Fluoxetine
paxil paroxetine
zoloft sertraline
elavil amitriptyline
pamelor, aventyl nortriptyline
eldepryl selegiline
desyrel trazodone
zyprexa onlanzapine
haldol haloperidol
buspar buspirone
vistaril hydroxyzine
effexor venlafaxine
baclofen lioresal
flexeril Cyclobenzaprine
Valium Diazepam
robaxin methocarbamol
aleve naproxen
celebrex celecoxib
mobic meloxicam
motrin ibuprofen
skelaxin metaxalone
soma carisoprodol
indocin indomethacin
Tylenol Acetaminophen
Humira Adalimumab
Luvox Fluvoxamie
pristiq desvenlafaxine
Cymbalta Duloxetine
savella milnacipran
anafranil clomipramine
sinequan zonalon doxepin
norpramine desipramine
vivactil protriptyline
surmontil trimipramine
ludiomil maprotiline
rameron mirtazapine
ativan lorazepam
lexapro escitalopram
restoril temazepam
parnate tranylcypromine
nardil phenelzine
Orudis, Oruvail ketoprofen
clinoril sulindac
toradol ketorolac
Created by: yamanashi415



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