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UE Ortho

Shoulder Common Disorders

What is the MOI for an AC joint sprain? direct blow to the superior lateral shoulder
With an AC joint sprain, the scapula is driven _______ and the clavicle is stopped by the _________. Inferiorly, ribcage
What grade AC sprain? Incomplete tear of AC joint capsule and ligament, coracoclavicular ligs intact. grade 1
What are the s/sx of a grade one AC joint sprain? min/mod AC joint tenderness, pain with arm motions(esp horizontal add), no joint laxity
How do you treat a grade one AC joint sprain? Ice, sling, oral anti-inflammatories for pain
When can a person with a grade 1 AC joint sprain return to activity? 1-2 weeks
Complete tear of AC ligament with the coracoclavicular ligament intact is what grade of AC joint sprain? grade II
What grade of AC joint sprain is also know as a mild shoulder separation? grade II
What are the signs/sx of a grade II AC joint sprain? Moderate AC joint tenderness, increased A/P motion
How would you tx a grade II AC joint sprain? Ice, sling, injection, del/trap strengthening
When can a person with a grade II AC joint sprain return to activity? 2-4 weeks
A complete disruption of AC and coracoclavicular ligaments describes what grade of AC joint sprain.(also called a moderate or severe shoulder separation) Grade III
What are the signs/sx of a grade III AC joint sprain? pt supports arm with other arm, UE depressed, clavicle prominent, pain increases with UE motion, tenderness of AC joint and coracoclavicular interspace
Treatment for what grade of AC joint sprain lacks consensus and is symptom driven? grade III
Should one expect long term pain or loss of function with a grade III AC joint sprain? no
Is the complication rate for grade III AC joint surgery high or low? high
Return to activity for a grade III AC joint sprain usually occurs within what time frame? 6 months
What exercise should you avoid during rehab of a grade III AC joint sprain? shoulder shrugs with weight at side
AC joint point tenderness, Pain with horiz ADD, X-rays may show spurs/degenerative changes...what does this describe? degenerative AC joint
This is one of the least commonly injured joints in the body, Anterior dislocation is much more common than posterior, Posterior much more serious than anterior...which joint? SC
The following describes what grade of SC joint sprain? intact capsule/ligaments, stable joint Grade I:
The following describes what grade of SC joint sprain? SC subluxation, capsule/ligaments partially disrupted Grade II:
The following describes what grade of SC joint sprain? Capsule/ligaments completely disrupted, joint dislocated Grade III:
What is the common MOI for SC joint sprains? MVA, athletics...indirect force applied to lateral shoulder
How do you treat grade I/II SC joint sprain? figure of 8 sling for days-weeks
How do you treat anterior SC dislocation? closed reduction, figure of 8 sling for days to weeks
Posterior SC joint dislocation is a _______ _______. medical emergency
Resorption of the distal clavicle is called what? It is most common in what pop.? osteolysis of the clavicle. Weight lifters
What does the following MOI describe? Indirect force to lateral shoulder, FOOSH, Direct blow to clavicle. Clavicle fracture
This is commonly caused by overuse, forceful eccentric contractions, abduction/ER maneuvers, shallow or irregular biccipital groove, direct blow, and overhand throwing motions. Bicipital tendonitis
Strong contraction (against resistance) in lengthened position is a common MOI for what tendon rupture? Biceps
After surgical repair of a biceps tendon rupture, the surgeon may delay resisted biceps exercises for __ weeks. 12
Is impingement a common cause of biceps tear in the young? no
_____ trauma is required to tear the biceps in the young. violent
Allen, Adson, and Roos are tests commonly used for what? Thoracic outlet syndrome
What is the purpose of a total shoulder arthroplasty? improve pain and function
After TSA, weeks __-__ are the protective phase. 0-4
After TSA, weeks __-__ are the early strengthening phase. 4-6
After TSA, weeks __-__ are the moderate strengthening phase. 6-10
After TSA weeks __-__ are the max strengthening phase. 10-12
What does the following describe? Chronic inflammation or fibrosis of the joint capsule, painful and stiff shoulder, unknown cause, self-limiting. Adhesive Capsulitis "frozen shoulder"
Created by: txst fall 2009
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